Write for Geek Binge!

Do you wake up in the middle of the night, screaming lines from your favorite movies into the dark?  Do you spend every waking moment of your life thinking about video games, or breaking down the respective qualities of your favorite television shows?

No, no you don’t.  No one does that.  But if you DO like any of these three entertainment forms and have a knack for writing, we can use you here at Geek Binge.  We’re currently hiring a select group of writers to help out on our coverage on everything movies, TV, and video games.  First and foremost, if you want to write for Geek Binge, you should know this: we’re not a press release site.  We don’t just report on news, copy and pasting press releases as we go.  If you are really serious about writing here, you must have a strong opinion about things and be willing to express that opinion in EVERY article you do.  Other than that, we’re open to anyone.

Geek Binge is a newly formed site though, so I’ll be brutally honest with you; technically we have very little money to put towards staff wages.  But since I understand how much it sucks to do this and not get paid for it, I will be paying every writer I employ anyways.  If you’re chosen to write for Geek Binge, we will pay you a starting fee of 0.50 cents a post plus $1.oo per thousand page views.  Yes, I know; that’s nothing to brag about.  But the pure economics of this is that we can’t afford to pay you anymore than that for the time.  In time, when we begin to build more of an audience and get more exposure, this pay will expand.  In addition, we have a few press contracts that give the sites freebies every so often that I’m more than happy to share with the rest of the staff.  I hate the idea of not compensating writers for their work, so I’m going to try my best with the limited amount of funds we have.  Anyways, here are the positions we currently have open:

Film Writers (1 Position Open):

Responsible for providing frequent articles upon the subject of movie news, movie reviews, editorials, lists, and other important facets of the film industry.

Wait, you’re still reading this?  That’s fantastic!  Here at Geek Binge, we don’t have this huge list of requirements that you need to have to write for us.  As long as you can write, we will take you.  There are a few conditions however that might give you a leg up from the competition.  We have a couple podcasts on the website that we try to have a wide variety of guests on an episode by episode basis, so if you’ll be able to do that, make sure to mention it.  Living in bigger cities and having access to film festivals, press events, and conventions would also be helpful—we may not be able to pay for your expenses there, but we’d try our darndest to get your press passes to certain events.

So what are you waiting for?  If you’re interested in joining us, email matthew@geekbinge.com with the subject header “Write for Geek Binge.”  All I ask for in the application is that you include at least one writing sample (doesn’t have to be previously published—I just want to get a feel for your writing style and tone) and a short description about who you are.  I don’t need to know personal details (like age, relationships, locations, etc.) if you don’t want to share them, but even something like your favorite movie or video game will do.  And speaking of this, please include which position you want to write about here: movies, TV, or video games.  If you’re willing to write about two of them or all three, that’s great too, but you need to have one main area of focus (as seen above).

Thanks for your interest and I hope to have you (yes, YOU!) as a part of the team.

-Matthew Legarreta, Editor-in-Chief of Geek Binge