Ubisoft Announces Far Cry 4 / Delays The Division / Does a Bunch of Other Things

E3 is still a few weeks away but, apparently, that ain’t stopping from Ubisoft revealing a bunch of new things today. Granted, they weren’t just doing it because they felt like it — in actuality, it was there financial call within the company, so it makes sense they would do a news dump of this magnitude. Whatever the case, Far Cry 4 got confirmed, The Division got delayed into next year, Watch Dogs has some mighty big numbers to fill, and Assassin’s Creed will continue to release on last generation consoles for time indefinite. Details on all of that, right after the break.

The Titanfall: Expedition DLC Will Be Dropping in May (Get It? ‘Cause Titans Fall)

Hey everyone, enjoying that there Titanfall game there? Yeah, I know, it’s pretty addicting, and Respawn has done a beyond solid job with making a first person multiplayer shooter that is figuratively hard to put down (or, often enough, literally hard to put down.) But I bet by now you’ve already prestiged like the full ten times, and done everything there is to be done in Titanfall’s base game. But don’t put down that controller and move on with the rest of your life yet, fellow gamer! Respawn is here to keep your addiction firmly in check, and is doing so by releasing the first big DLC for the game — Titanfall: Expedition.