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The Wolf Among Us Episode 3 Arrives Tuesday April 8 Which, if Anything, Proves That Telltale is Finally Sticking to a Schedule


As a company, I freaking love Telltale Games and, hell, even enjoy the episodic format that they chose to release their games in. However, one of the things that bugs me about them and the format is how, more often than not, we have no idea when to expect the next episode of a given game. We might get one episode of something one week, and not see the next one for upwards of three months (something that happened with both The Walking Dead: The Video Game and The Wolf Among Us.) Or we might get an episode, finish it, and then have the next one come out in about a month's time (something that happened with The Walking Dead: The Video Game only.) At first it was frustrating to not know when to expect the continuations of the incredible stories of their wonderful games, but now it seems like Telltale has finally created a routine for its episodic releases, at least if the new one for The Wolf Among Us' next episode is any indication.

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The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 16 Review: “A”


There's a lot to be said about a TV show starting slow and building up to something grand. Take for instance a TV show that will forever be compared to every other TV show in existence: Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad's seasons often started out slow but grew to massive moments of crazy good climaxes, such as "One Minute" in Season 3 or "Crawl Space" in Season 4. Moments like these are easily the most famous in Breaking Bad's history but, without the build-up beforehand, they wouldn't be nearly as memorable as they are. The Walking Dead was taking a similar approach to build-up with this half-season, much to my chagrin (the characters of The Walking Dead aren't nearly as interesting as those of BB), but in my mind, if the show was able to nail it with the climax, all of the build-up would have been worth it. With its season finale, cryptically entitled "A," was the series able to do just that? Uh...nooooooooooooooooooooope.

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The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 15 Review: “Us”


Look, I'm going to keep this review brief, because this is another return to The Walking Dead's singular mantra of this half season: less is...well, nothing really. I'll be honest with you guys here: if it wasn't already apparent from the last seven reviews or so, I've really been struggling discussing The Walking Dead this half-season. Most of my complaints in fact are based directly around that: there's just little substance to what's been going on, and not a lot that's really worth discussing in the grand scheme of this show. Last week's "The Grove" was a welcome change of pace in that respect, which is why I felt it was the best episode of this entire season: something was going on, and it was interesting to boot. With "Us?" That's not even close to the case.

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The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 14 Review: “The Grove”


When Season 3 showrunner Glenn Mazzara was canned from The Walking Dead last year, there was a lot of reasons to be worried. Mazzara did a great job course correcting the show after its near disastrous second season, and was clearly doing a lot to make The Walking Dead better. So when he was fired (resigned? I don't remember how that one went), it should have made me absolutely worried for the future of the series. But you know what? I wasn't. I was actually kind of excited for Season 4, for one reason and one reason only...and that reason's name is Scott Gimple.

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The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 13 Review: “Alone”


Last week, I played a video game. No, don't leave, this isn't another one of my ponderous, off-topic meanderings! This actually has something to do with The Walking Dead, trust me! Because the game in question was The Walking Dead: The Video Game Season 2 Episode 2, entitled "A House Divided." If you read my review of said episode you would know that I absolutely loved it, and found it to be another exhilarating entry in one of gaming's absolute best stories. So, I admit, I was a tad bit jaded when watching this week's episode of The Walking Dead the show. Because, throughout the entirety of "Alone," I just kept asking myself what was it that made me love the game so much, and have so much disappointment for the show. They have so very much in common, tonally and plot wise. Then what was it that made one so much better than the other? Well, I've come to a simple conclusion on that front: its the characters.

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