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Out with the Old, In with the New — The Walking Dead: The Video Game is Probably Coming to the Xbox One and Playstation 4


Here's an interesting, totally true fact about my game habits right now: currently, I do little on my Xbox 360. There's a few things I'm catching up on (South Park: The Stick of Truth and Half-Life 2 namely) but, other than that, there's only one reason I'm holding on to my old console, and its name is Telltale. That studio is one of the few AAA developers (in my mind at least) that's developing games solely for the old generation of consoles, and hasn't moved on to next-generation development in some capacity. But if a recent Gamestop listing is to be believed, that might be changing pretty damn soon. Like, in June actually.

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The Wolf Among Us Episode 3 Arrives Tuesday April 8 Which, if Anything, Proves That Telltale is Finally Sticking to a Schedule


As a company, I freaking love Telltale Games and, hell, even enjoy the episodic format that they chose to release their games in. However, one of the things that bugs me about them and the format is how, more often than not, we have no idea when to expect the next episode of a given game. We might get one episode of something one week, and not see the next one for upwards of three months (something that happened with both The Walking Dead: The Video Game and The Wolf Among Us.) Or we might get an episode, finish it, and then have the next one come out in about a month's time (something that happened with The Walking Dead: The Video Game only.) At first it was frustrating to not know when to expect the continuations of the incredible stories of their wonderful games, but now it seems like Telltale has finally created a routine for its episodic releases, at least if the new one for The Wolf Among Us' next episode is any indication.

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This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Most Gamers Either Don’t Finish Their Games, or Don’t Remember the Plot If They Do


Yesterday I published an article about, what else, Respawn's Titanfall. The article discussed five problems I had with the game, and one of the big ones was the gigantic turd of a campaign attached to the main multiplayer game. I won't harp on it anymore here (trust me, I did plenty of that in the above article), but the campaign bummed me out very, very much. Not just because it wasn't up to the standards of the rest of the game, but because it set a very disturbing precedent in my mind for the future of gaming: one that doesn't really care about story, and is all about the fast paced thrill of multiplayer. And if that notion wasn't getting closer and closer to a reality already well, after this double whammy of distressing information, let's just say I'm very afraid to see how the industry reacts to this.

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The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 13 Review: “Alone”


Last week, I played a video game. No, don't leave, this isn't another one of my ponderous, off-topic meanderings! This actually has something to do with The Walking Dead, trust me! Because the game in question was The Walking Dead: The Video Game Season 2 Episode 2, entitled "A House Divided." If you read my review of said episode you would know that I absolutely loved it, and found it to be another exhilarating entry in one of gaming's absolute best stories. So, I admit, I was a tad bit jaded when watching this week's episode of The Walking Dead the show. Because, throughout the entirety of "Alone," I just kept asking myself what was it that made me love the game so much, and have so much disappointment for the show. They have so very much in common, tonally and plot wise. Then what was it that made one so much better than the other? Well, I've come to a simple conclusion on that front: its the characters.

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The Walking Dead: The Video Game Season 2, Episode 2 Review: “A House Divided” Might Just Be the Best Episode of the Series So Far


I'm not going to waste time here: if you are at all on the fence about playing "A House Divided," you shouldn't be. For what it's worth, I can't imagine there's a lot of people who would be; if you played the last six or so episodes of this series so far, you know exactly what you are getting into, and know that it's for the most part pretty great. And if you haven't played ANY of The Walking Dead: The Video Game by this point...then just what are you doing with your life? The first season remains one of the best games of the past few years, and you absolutely owe it to yourself to play it. As for the second season, well, I could see how some could be worried. How could you possibly top the experience of the first season, especially considering the place where it ended? Telltale had a lot to prove with this season but, if "A House Divided" is any indication, they are more than prepared for the challenge.

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