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All According to Plan: Telltale Unveils The Release Date, A New Trailer for The Next Episode of The Walking Dead: The Video Game

Man, I am good. Or maybe more accurately, Telltale has grown to become very predictable. Earlier this week a couple of screenshots for the next episode of The Walking Dead: The Video Game Season 2 hit the internet, with a tease of more information coming soon. The moment those screens hit, I (and I imagine every other Telltale […]
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Clementine Continues To Look Like Shit In New Screens From The Walking Dead: The Video Game Season 2; New Episode Probably Arriving This Month

Last week we just received the conclusion to Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us series (for now at least), and it was quite a shocking thing to get indeed.  You see, Telltale was working off of a “one episode of The Wolf Among Us, one episode of The Walking Dead” for a while now, which made […]
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The Wolf Among Us Episode 5 Review: “Cry Wolf” Is A Somewhat Satisfying, Somewhat Frustrating Finale [VIDEO]

From the very beginning I’ve been arguing that, with The Wolf Among Us, a significant chunk of the quality of the overall package would rest solely on the way it concluded itself.  That’s the double edged sword of any mystery story really; the singular events and tantalizing mysteries could be amazing in the moment but, […]
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The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 Review: “In Sheep’s Clothing” Is A Promising Return to Form

Editor’s Note: Yes, astute reader, I am not in fact Gaming Editor Jared Russo (something I celebrate nearly every single day, actually).  Jared has been covering the game since the beginning but, unfortunately, he’s rather tied up with a canine of another type (Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs and Capcom’s Ultra Street Fighter IV), and thus doesn’t […]
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[UPDATED] The Walking Dead: The Video Game & The Wolf Among Us Officially Coming to Next-Gen Consoles

Here's an interesting, totally true fact about my game habits right now: currently, I do little on my Xbox 360. There's a few things I'm catching up on (South Park: The Stick of Truth and Half-Life 2 namely) but, other than that, there's only one reason I'm holding on to my old console, and its name is Telltale. That studio is one of the few AAA developers (in my mind at least) that's developing games solely for the old generation of consoles, and hasn't moved on to next-generation development in some capacity. But if a recent Gamestop listing is to be believed, that might be changing pretty damn soon. Like, in June actually.