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Hands On With The PlayStation Now Beta

Since Sony’s purchase of Gaikai in 2012, they have touted the potential of cloud powered gaming.  And after months of rumors and speculation Sony lifted the veil in January revealing PlayStation Now, a streaming gaming service that would open up Sony’s extensive library to the PlayStation family of devices and more.  I received a PlayStation Now […]
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Sony Says The Last Guardian Remains In Development, and Thanks You for Asking!

It seems at this point that every console generation needs to have a long in development game that refuses to die. In the last generation (and, honestly, the generation before that) we had Duke Nukem Forever, and now? We seem to have The Last Guardian. Team Ico has been working on this project for nearly a decade at this point, with not more to show for it then a single E3 teaser. But despite pretty much every sign (including the departure of its studio head), Sony continues to maintain the fact that Team ICO is hard at work on the project. And though we are no longer in the PS3 era of gaming, that doesn't mean the game has been cancelled. As always, Sony has assured us that the game is very much in active development and, gosh, is just really happy you care so much!