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Sony Says The Last Guardian Remains In Development, and Thanks You for Asking!


It seems at this point that every console generation needs to have a long in development game that refuses to die. In the last generation (and, honestly, the generation before that) we had Duke Nukem Forever, and now? We seem to have The Last Guardian. Team Ico has been working on this project for nearly a decade at this point, with not more to show for it then a single E3 teaser. But despite pretty much every sign (including the departure of its studio head), Sony continues to maintain the fact that Team ICO is hard at work on the project. And though we are no longer in the PS3 era of gaming, that doesn't mean the game has been cancelled. As always, Sony has assured us that the game is very much in active development and, gosh, is just really happy you care so much!

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[UPDATED] Say Hello To An Old Friend In A New Screenshot For The Walking Dead: The Video Game Season 2; Expect Episode 1 Sometime “Before Christmas”


Just a couple days ago, AMC aired the midseason finale of The Walking Dead TV show to...shall we say less than universal acclaim. But no matter what you thought of the finale, one fact remains—The Walking Dead will be gone until February, which means a whole three months without Farmer Rick & His Crew (as they shall henceforth be named.) But don't worry, Deaders (what? That's the best I could come up with): Telltale Games is still here to give you your Walking Dead fix throughout the end of the year, as the company has confirmed that Episode 1 of their highly awaited second season of The Walking Dead: The Video Game will be released before 2013 wraps up.

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Danny’s Descent: Why You Should Be Excited About The Next-Generation


As a gamer, convincing me to get excited about the next generation is about as difficult as selling water to a man dying of thirst. My parched throat is always eager to be quenched and the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases are the biggest oases I have seen in a long time. But where I see water, non-gamers figure I must be seeing a mirage and can’t figure out why I am so excited, trolls are trying to fill it with sand, and Luddites are trying to convince me to turn around and head back to the last drinking hole. While a battery of reasons to not be excited for the new consoles have been presented, I believe that we should all be uncapping our canteens and preparing for a refill.

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Bethesda Trademarks Fallout 4 In Europe Which, Like Always, Is An Absolutely Surefire Sign That The Game Is In Development


Can you believe its been FIVE years since Fallout 3 first came out? Now's not really the time for me to go into one of my "Man it's been a busy generation!" rants (lord knows I've done enough of that all last week), but I'm still surprised that it's been so long. Thankfully though, with the eve of the game's five year anniversary, the Bethesda principle is starting to kick in. Skyrim came out five years after Oblivion did, and since Bethesda likes to work in cycles, an announcement of Fallout 4 is inevitable at this point. And if recent rumor is to be could literally happen any day now.

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On The Eve of The Playstation 4 Launch, Naughty Dog Announces Uncharted PS4; What A Crazy Random Happenstance!


I'll admit it: I'm far from sold on the Playstation 4. Don't get me wrong; it's a fine console that looks pretty, but my main problem with the Playstation 3 (the terrible UI, meh Online capabilities) still seem very similar to the PS3. I won't know for sure until I get my hands on it but, for now at least, the only thing swaying me between the Xbox One and Playstation 4 was the games. And so far, I haven't really seen a Playstation 4 game I was dying to play or, hell, even had an inkling to play (I'm a non-fan of Killzone and Infamous, after all). But Sony knows there are people out there like me—and knows exactly what to do to get me on board their new console: announce a new Uncharted game for it.

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