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The Titanfall: Expedition DLC Will Be Dropping in May (Get It? ‘Cause Titans Fall)


Hey everyone, enjoying that there Titanfall game there? Yeah, I know, it's pretty addicting, and Respawn has done a beyond solid job with making a first person multiplayer shooter that is figuratively hard to put down (or, often enough, literally hard to put down.) But I bet by now you've already prestiged like the full ten times, and done everything there is to be done in Titanfall's base game. But don't put down that controller and move on with the rest of your life yet, fellow gamer! Respawn is here to keep your addiction firmly in check, and is doing so by releasing the first big DLC for the game -- Titanfall: Expedition.

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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Review — The Fires of Hell Burn Bright


Despite selling well over 10 million copies, Diablo 3 is arguably Blizzard’s worst title of the past decade with many players feeling that it strayed too far from the mechanics that made the series great. Almost two years later, Reaper of Souls is the culmination of numerous tweaks and overhauls and represents the direction that new design lead Josh Mosqueira wants to take. While probably not enough to convince the staunchest naysayers, it should rekindle the lust for loot in most.

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The Wolf Among Us Episode 3 Arrives Tuesday April 8 Which, if Anything, Proves That Telltale is Finally Sticking to a Schedule


As a company, I freaking love Telltale Games and, hell, even enjoy the episodic format that they chose to release their games in. However, one of the things that bugs me about them and the format is how, more often than not, we have no idea when to expect the next episode of a given game. We might get one episode of something one week, and not see the next one for upwards of three months (something that happened with both The Walking Dead: The Video Game and The Wolf Among Us.) Or we might get an episode, finish it, and then have the next one come out in about a month's time (something that happened with The Walking Dead: The Video Game only.) At first it was frustrating to not know when to expect the continuations of the incredible stories of their wonderful games, but now it seems like Telltale has finally created a routine for its episodic releases, at least if the new one for The Wolf Among Us' next episode is any indication.

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Today In “No Duh” News: Titanfall 2 Will Most Likely Not Be an Xbox Exclusive


One of the biggest surprises of the new generation (so far at least; Jesus, it's only been a couple of months by this point) was the fact that Titanfall, a game published by EA, was a Microsoft exclusive. And not just one of those timed exclusives either -- Titanfall will never ever hit a n0n-Microsoft platform (unless you count PC, but even that is technically under Microsoft's guise). EA is not the type of company that typically makes games exclusive for consoles; after all, they have nothing to lose and a ton to gain by putting their game out on as many systems as possible. Microsoft probably shelled out a ton of money to get that exclusivity but following the game's very successful launch, it should come as no surprise in the slightest that Respawn and EA will be sowing their oats in other fields (namely, the fields plowed by Sony) with the still unannounced (but almost definitely coming) Titanfall 2.

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Danny’s Descant: Gabe Newell and the Future of PC Gaming


When Windows 8 was on the cusp of release, Valve chief Gabe Newell spoke up and warned gamers that the new operating system was going to be a “catastrophe”. A year and a half later, Newell’s apocalyptic prediction hasn’t come true. By most metrics, gaming is ostensibly the same whether you are running Windows 7 or 8. Any lingering concerns over the touch screen focused Metro interface were quashed by the first major service pack finally allowing users to boot directly to a more traditional desktop. While Newell got it wrong this time, his reasoning is sound and PC gamers should be concerned for the future.

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