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Steam Streaming – Another Step Towards the Living Room

Valve has officially graduated their In-Home Streaming functionality for Steam from beta to full release. The new feature effectively allows for stationary desktop rigs to handle heavy processing while outputting to less powerful devices on the same network. The technology isn’t exactly ground-breaking (OnLive has been doing something similar through the internet for years), but […]

Danny’s Descant: How To Join the PC Master Race

PC gamers are often separated from their console brethren as members of some special club that demands expert hardware knowledge to join. The reality is that the dark ages of PC gaming where getting the latest title to run would require mastery of the arcane arts of command lines and boot scripts are long gone and ‘plug and play’ has reached a point where it works literally. Buying a quality gaming rig may seem daunting at first but a little research can go a long way and getting started no longer means mortgaging the house. Below I offer some common sense tips for buying a new computer and recant my recent experience of pricing a machine from scratch.