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Video Game Reviews

The Sailor’s Dream Review: Exquisite Narrative in Video Game Form

My first experience with Swedish developer Simogo was Device 6, an absolutely incredible mobile game that blends intelligent writing, legitimately challenging puzzles, and unsettling mystery into a concise and wondrous game. I’ve yet to find a better iPad game than Device 6, save for (maybe) Monument Valley. It was with open arms, then, that I welcomed Simogo’s latest […]

Pikmin Short Film Reviews: Miyamoto Whimsy In Short Movie Form

Shigeru Miyamoto is more excited about Pikmin than anybody I know. In a recent Nintendo Direct, he encouraged Nintendo fans to try out the free Pikmin 3 demo, emphasizing the fact that players could transfer their save from the demo to the full game after purchase. I’ve played the title and it’s definitely worth a purchase (it’s one of […]
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The Hungry Horde Review: Overeating, Underwhelming

The Hungry Horde is a fun little romp on the PlayStation Vita that’s available for free all November to PlayStation Plus subscribers. It’s a low-key title that sits under the radar in the gaming world, especially considering we’re in the thick of triple-A season. The sad truth about this charming zombie title is that it just […]
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Sunset Overdrive Review: This Game is No Joke

I think the “next generation” is here. Finally. And although I’m confident enough to make that declaration, it’s still a hesitant one, because few developers and publishers are ready to embrace the challenge that comes with that moniker. ‘Next gen’, what does it mean? What does that embody? How does one build a game that improves […]