Batman: Arkham Knight Review — The Arkham Trilogy Goes Out On A Disappointingly Low Note

by Jared Russo

If you thought the score was too low, then just wait until you start reading…


Heroes of the Storm Video Review

by Jared Russo

A MOBA worth playing, and not just because it’s free.


Life is Strange Episode 3: “Chaos Theory” Review

by Matthew Legarreta

A huge left turn makes for the best episode of the series yet. When I first started playing Life is Strange way back in the beginning of the year, I was impressed with the game — or more so than anything, impressed with the infinite potential that it had.  I thought the premise was fantastic… Read the full article


Marvel’s Mighty Heroes iOS Review: A Marvel Game for People Who Don’t Like Playing Good Games

by James Willetts

The history of licensed video games is notoriously poor, with a range of ill conceived, badly executed or just plain weird products around to demonstrate that just because a film, TV show or book is popular, the act of creating an independently worthy game is rarely a guaranteed success. Over the last few years, as… Read the full article