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Goat Simulator is Becoming a Fantasy MMO

In what is possibly the most hilarious news in the history of the world and the infinite universe, Coffee Stain Studios is releasing DLC for Goat Simulator that turns the popular and wacky game into a fantasy MMO. The expansion will be free for anyone who already owns Goat Simulator, and it releases on November 20th on […]
Video Game News

Klaus Coming to PS4 and Vita in 2015

The PlayStation platforms are no strangers to odd, offbeat titles. Thomas Was Alone, Journey, The Unfinished Swan, and Luftrausers all excel on Sony’s machines. The company has always shown a certain affection toward fun and innovative experiences, and the puzzle platformer Klaus looks to be another example of Sony accepting a slightly different title with graciously open arms. The PlayStation blog […]

Thanks Internet: You Can Play Smash Bros. on a Calculator Now

It’s official! Calculators officially have a more diverse library than the PlayStation Vita! Well, not really, but kind of. Now Tetris may have some competition for the title of most-played game in algebra classes everywhere. Developer Hayleia is developing Super Smash Bros. for scientific calculators. Right now, Hayleia’s project page shows a brief glimpse of two Fox McClouds duking it […]