Star Wars: Battlefront Blow Out — The Trailer, Release Date, and New Info Arrives For The Highly Awaited Game

by Matthew Legarreta

It’s a Battlefront Bonanza. First of all, sorry this grand news wrap-up is a day late — trust me, if it was completely up to me, I would have had this gone up like twenty minutes after yesterday’s big Star Wars: Battlefront panel at Star Wars Celebration.  But life had other plans, so here I… Read the full article

Jared’s Treasure Trove of Hidden Gems: 2001

by Jared Russo

For every Rygar, there is a God of War that comes after it. For every KillSwitch there is a Gears of War. Although for every Grind Session there was a Tony Hawk before it, overshadowing the hidden gems. Should we remember those other games? I think so; forgetting a medium’s history doesn’t ever sound like… Read the full article


A Screen Bytes Fireside Chat on: eSports

by Jared Russo

On this special edition of Screen Bytes, Jared and special guest Jack Miller discuss eSports: what they are, where they’re going, and much, much, much more. So join us for talk of League of Legends, Street Fighter, Hearthstone, DOTA 2, Heroes of the Storm, and other games. Download Episode Contact Screen Bytes: @JaredRusso / @Geek_Binge / @ColeRush1 Send your… Read the full article

Game Over, Man: Bill Paxton is Jack Thompson in the Grand Theft Auto Movie

by Matthew Legarreta

Hate of the form that presents (allegedly) inglorious combat. So is this the beginning of a resurgence for actor Bill Paxton?  If so, I’m totally fine with that; I’ve always been a fan of Bill Paxton, so if he wants to go off and be part of movies I care about again, that’s fine by… Read the full article


Marvel’s Mighty Heroes iOS Review: A Marvel Game for People Who Don’t Like Playing Good Games

by James Willetts

The history of licensed video games is notoriously poor, with a range of ill conceived, badly executed or just plain weird products around to demonstrate that just because a film, TV show or book is popular, the act of creating an independently worthy game is rarely a guaranteed success. Over the last few years, as… Read the full article