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Level Design Hall of Shame: Fallout 3

Welcome, one and all, to the first and last induction in the Level Design Hall of Shame! This is a video series that chronicles gaming history, and examines the truly awful levels inside and out. If you have any suggestions for future videos, or want to rant about how wrong any of the entries are, leave a nasty message in the comments below, or on the YouTube comments section, because god only knows everyone does that anyways.

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Bummer of the Day: Bungie Has Fired Composer Martin O’Donnell, for No Reason Other Than to Make Me Sad


Compared to some other folks out there, I think I'm much more forgiving to 2012's Halo 4. I actually gave the game a pretty strong review and, though I regret praising it a little TOO highly (that game has not aged well in just the year and a half its been on the market and, now at least, the flaws of the experience are certainly more noticeable), but I did have one massive problem with the game that I brought up in the review: the soundtrack. The score to the Halo series is one of the all time greatest in gaming, as composer Martin O'Donnell created an iconic sound with each and every Halo game. Halo 4 composer Neil Davidge could not replicate a sound nearly as iconic, and the problems of that soundtrack greatly hindered the overall game, and made me yearn for some Martin O'Donnell orchestral action. But, sadly enough, it's hard to determine when we'll next get that, as O'Donnell has been canned from Bungie for, well, no reason at all. Find out all the outrage details after the break.

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The Titanfall: Expedition DLC Will Be Dropping in May (Get It? ‘Cause Titans Fall)


Hey everyone, enjoying that there Titanfall game there? Yeah, I know, it's pretty addicting, and Respawn has done a beyond solid job with making a first person multiplayer shooter that is figuratively hard to put down (or, often enough, literally hard to put down.) But I bet by now you've already prestiged like the full ten times, and done everything there is to be done in Titanfall's base game. But don't put down that controller and move on with the rest of your life yet, fellow gamer! Respawn is here to keep your addiction firmly in check, and is doing so by releasing the first big DLC for the game -- Titanfall: Expedition.

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