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Some Developer Tweets Idiotic Death Threats To Gabe Newell; Shockingly Has His Game Removed From Steam

What an absolutely awful landscape we’re in now for video games.  Death threats, Fanboy wars, GamerGate — we’re just a rhyme scheme away from a new verse in a Billy Joel song.  But hey, after this piece of news, I might have found the perfect lyric: “GamerGate, fanboy wars, fucking stupid developers” — okay fine, […]

Screen Bytes: Ep. 45 – The Evil Within You Without You

On this episode of Screen Bytes, Jared, Darron, and Matt talk about video games! New ones that they’ve been playing! It’s a Christmas miracle. We chit chat about The Evil Within, Bayonetta 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Hatred, Halo, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, Hearthstone, and some other shit.   Download Episode Contact Screen Bytes: @JaredRusso / @Geek_Binge / @DarronLewis  […]

Screen Bytes: Ep. 44 – This Podcast Is In 1080p Unlike Assassin’s Creed, Don’t Worry Folks

  On this episode of Screen Bytes, Darron finally gets to play a game show with Jared and Matt. We discuss Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Phil Spencer, Xbox, Capcom, Mega Man, Kingdom Hearts III, Unreal Engine 4, Little Mac, Super Smash Bros., Halo, and of course, Hearthstone briefly. Download Episode Contact Screen Bytes: @JaredRusso / @Geek_Binge / @DarronLewis  @ColeRush1 / […]