Comedy Bang! Bang! Season 3

Comedy Bang! Bang!: “The Lonely Island Wear Holiday Sweaters & White Pants” Review

Given that Comedy Bang! Bang! doesn’t operate like a normal television show, it’s no surprise that its season finale wouldn’t operate like a normal season finale. Instead of wrapping up the season’s main storyline and completing the arcs of different characters, “The Lonely Island Wear Holiday Sweaters & White Pants” is just like every other episode of […]
AHSF 1.10 Pepper

American Horror Story Freakshow: “Orphans” Review

Naomi Grossman ruled the roost in this week’s episode, “Orphans.” Two former cast members reappeared this season—one of whom reprised a previous role. Cool! It was a night for origin stories, tying things together, and dot connecting in a few suspicious ways. This week’s American Horror Story: Freakshow episode showed Dessy getting suspicious, Elsa making […]