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Under the Dome: “Reconciliation” Review

I sometimes worry that my decision making skills are not all that they could be.  This summer brought the premiere of HBO’s The Leftovers, as well as The Strain, Extant, The Last Ship, and season two of Defiance and even Falling Skies.  Yet, for whatever reason, I decided to stick with Under the Dome.  I […]

The Leftovers: “Gladys” Review

In the hours leading up to “Gladys,” I saw it described as the “make or break” episode for The Leftovers. I didn’t know what to make of that comment. What could the episode contain that would ward off some viewers and entice others? And then I watched the episode’s opening, which showed Gladys, a member […]

Screen Bites: Ep. 80 – San Diego Comic-Con 2014

On this episode of Screen Bites, Jeremy, Jared, and Justin are joined by editor-in-chief of Geek Binge, Matthew Legarreta, to discuss the geek event of the year (or at least one of them): San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Matt flew to San Diego and went to Comic-Con, where he walked the packed, sweaty convention floors and saw huge […]