New Girl: “Thanksgiving IV” Review

Minus “Parents,” New Girl has had a pretty strong reputation when it comes to Thanksgiving episodes.  Season 1’s “Thanksgiving” remains a really funny episode of the show, and last year’s “Thanksgiving III” was a bright life in what was a rather rough start for the season.  But three Thanksgiving celebrations in, would New Girl be […]

The Legend of Korra is Coming Back to TV

Nickelodeon, The Legend of Korra, and the show’s fans have quite a love/hate triangle going on. Fans love the show but hate Nickelodeon for it’s treatment of such good material. The show loves the fans for sticking it all out and hates Nickelodeon for…it’s terrible treatment of such good material. Nickelodeon just hates everyone; it […]

The Tonight Show’s Lip Sync Battle is Becoming an Original Series

During his tenure at Late Night and subsequent promotion to The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon has introduced a quirky and fun atmosphere to late night television, and some hosts just can’t keep pace (cough cough Letterman cough cough). Jimmy Fallon’s upbeat personality and general likability make his show sincerely fun to watch. Sometimes I’m floored […]