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Meg Ryan is the New Bob Saget; Will Be the Narrator of How I Met Your Dad


One of the most highly debated aspects of How I Met Your Mother (not including like, everything about it now) is the use of the narrator (a.k.a. Future Ted) voiced by Bob Saget. Well most didn't find anything particularly wrong with his performance (in fact, it was usually quite good), just the idea that he was voicing the character of Future Ted in and of itself upset people. After all, past Ted was in his late 20's/early 30's -- the idea his voice would change to that of Bob Saget in his forties stretches credulity quite a bit. Yeah, it's a nitpick, but you can bet that the internet doesn't mind picking it. But like it or not, the narrator concept seems to be staying in the spin-off How I Met Your Dad, and now the show has found its new Bob Saget: none other than rom-com queen of the 90's herself, Meg Ryan.

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Fargo Season 1, Episode 2 Review: “The Rooster Prince”


So far at least, I think my reaction to FX's Fargo matches pretty well with the overall attributes of the show; it's hard to explain, bizarre by nature, and ultimately unsure of itself. I didn't go into Fargo expecting some straightforward procedural cop show (following those enticing teasers, how could you really?) but I still think I wasn't quite expecting for Fargo to be the show that Fargo really is. It's off the wall, loopy, and overall just odd. And here's the sad thing about all that--I'm not sure it's really working.

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Rick and Morty Season 1 Review: One of the Most Confident, Creative, & Hilarious Freshmen Debuts Ever


Absolutely nailing your first season on television is an incredibly difficult task. Hell, even some of the best TV comedies of the past decades struggled with their first season (The Office and Parks and Recreation come to mind). Even Community, despite being very good in its first season, wasn't the TV classic it became in its second and third season. And the only reason I feel its important to bring up that show in particular is because Dan Harmon, creator of Community, co-created Rick and Morty alongside Justin Roiland. That of course made it a highly anticipated product amongst TV geeks, especially when it seemed like Harmon's days on Community were long gone. And though he's back working full time on that show, it didn't seem to do much damage to Rick and Morty's first season -- in fact, as you could probably assume from the headline, this show's first season was nothing short of spectacular.

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