The Silicon Valley/Veep Power Hour: “Runaway Devaluation”/”East Wing” Reviews

by Matthew Legarreta

This week on Silicon Valley, Richard and the rest of the Pied Piper crew go into damage control following a debilitating lawsuit.  Meanwhile, over on Veep, Seal brokers peace talks with Israel well also contending with a rapidly escalating controversy over a recently removed painting.  The point of these double reviews is to eliminate bloat, so… Read the full article


Gotham: “Under the Knife” Review

by Jeremy Sollie

Tonight’s episode, “Under the Knife,” continued down the track set by “Beasts of Prey,” which got Fish off the island and tasked Jim and Harvey with catching the season’s big bad, the Ogre. Fish took the episode off, but the Ogre stuck around to taunt Jim and become entwined with Barbara, the character whose fate I care… Read the full article


Mad Men: “The Forecast” Review

by Jared Russo

That’s more like it. This is exactly the kind of existential, philosophic, ponderous episode I wanted. With lots of cameos and foreshadowing and beautiful shots and quippy jokes to fill in the hour between iconic scenes. And of course, as this show is known to do, every time Creepy Glenn showed up I kept yelling… Read the full article


Daredevil Season 1 Review (Part IV): “Shadows in the Glass”/ “Speak of the Devil”

by James Willetts

Four days into our recap of what we liked and loved about Daredevils’ first season, and I’m struggling to find aspects of the show to criticize. At this point the show’s been uniformly excellent, and really impressed me with its ambition, scope and storytelling nous. Considering that this is the character I cared about least… Read the full article

Screen Bites: Ep. 118 – Justified Season 6 (Guest: Alasdair Wilkins)

by Jeremy Sollie

On this episode of Screen Bites, Jeremy, Justin, and Wesley are joined by returning guest Alasdair Wilkins to talk about the final season of FX’s Justified, which wrapped up last Tuesday night. In addition to discussing the season and its surprisingly non-violent ending (in spoilery terms), the guys look back over the show as a whole,… Read the full article