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Bob Gale Assures Us They Won’t Make A Back To The Future Reboot or Sequel (Until They Inevitably Make A Back To The Future Reboot or Sequel)

Hollywood is currently operating under one of three trends right now: 1) Make everything based on a comic book 2) Make everything fit into a grand “expanded” universe and 3) Adapt anything that came from the 80’s and beyond.  Clearly the studios are trying to capitalize on nostalgia from adult viewers with the later, and […]

Screen Bites: Ep. 93 – Fury + The Knick Season One

On this episode of Screen Bites, Jeremy, Jared, and Wesley review Fury, the new WW2 film from director David Ayer and star Brad Pitt. After discussing whether or not the genuine Sherman tank used in Fury is the only thing new or interesting about this 1000th WW2 film, the conversation moves to The Knick, the new Cinemax show […]