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Writing Team Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci Are Splitting Up; Kurtzman Gets to Keep The Spider-Man Series and Orci Gets Star Trek, But Who Gets to Keep The Zeppelin Albums?

"Hawaii Five-0" Panel - Comic-Con 2010

And just like that, one of the greatest writing teams working in Hollywood have split. Wait, Joel and Ethan Coen are still working together? Oh thank god, I was worried there for a second -- must of had one of those crazy Bill Murray confusion moments. Thank god I didn't sign on to voice Garfield in Garfield 3, huh?

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Marc Webb Teases J. Jonah Jameson for The Amazing Spider-Man 3; Agrees That Replacing J.K. Simmons is Going to Be Tough


Whenever a popular film franchise gets a reboot, I always find it interesting to see what elements the new series decides to maintain and introduce right off the bat, and what it decides to leave out or (more than likely) save for later. When Man of Steel arrived last June, they wisely decided to hold off on introducing Lex Luthor, despite his importance in the overall Batman lore. The same can be said of Christopher Nolan and the Joker, who wasn't introduced in the new Batman series until The Dark Knight. In these two instances, the filmmakers clearly chose to holdout introducing these fan-favorites characters just to build up excitement and anticipation for their inevitable induction...but other times, it's not that simple. No, sometimes a reboot chooses to forego a classic character just because they know as well as the audience does that the character is impossible to recast. That the first time out was so iconic and so perfect that doing it differently will cause immediate uproar not just amongst fans, but mainstream audiences as well. And that's exactly the situation with the character of J. Jonah Jameson in The Amazing Spider-Man series.

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The Fantastic Four Reboot Will Be “Gritty,” “Grounded,” “Realistic,” and Other 21st Century Marketing Buzzwords

Like this, right?

At this point, we stand about 15 months away from the release date of Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot...and not a single shot has been filmed. The script is done (or at least sounds like its done) and the cast is (mostly) set, but yet Fox has still not began production on the film as far as we know. Despite that, writer Simon Kinberg has spent the past few days hyping up the product over at WonderCon and, a few days ago, said a few words about the film that I'm sure will get the internet comic book reader excited: it will be a gritty, grounded, and realistic take of the Fantastic Four. Just what everyone wants, right?

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In Theaters April 18, 2014: It’s A Busy Week But, Sadly, a Pretty Lackluster One


This week at the theater is one of the largest yet in 2014, as four different films fight for box office supremacy this Easter. Unfortunately though, none of them are exactly anticipated amongst any hardcore film fans...still though, there has to be SOMETHING worth your time and, more importantly, money this week, right? We'll find out I guess what awaits In Theaters April 18, 2014.

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