True Story: David Fincher Took Meetings About Star Wars: Episode VII, But Wanted More Elements of Slavery In The Film…He Didn’t Get The Job

What a crazy time late 2012/early 2013 was, huh?  Back at that point of time, the biggest conversation point about Star Wars: Episode VII was who the fuck was going to direct it.  It was time before we all started to fantasize about the cast, or speculate endlessly about the plot.  No, we only had […]
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Trailer Breakdown: PT Anderson Introduces You To The Madness of His Latest In The Debut Trailer for Inherent Vice

Oh my god guys, FINALLY.  After what feels like years of waiting and constant anticipation, the first trailer for one of my most anticipated films of the fall, Inherent Vice, has finally arrived.  Does it fulfill all of my desires in life AND THEN SOME?!  Well, umm, no…a movie trailer couldn’t really do that.  But […]