Justin’s Random Pop Culture Thoughts: 4/24/15 — Predicting Age of Ultron’s Opening Weekend, Marvel’s Spider-Man Plans, and Looking Forward To Star Wars: Rogue One

by Justin Powell

Welcome to the latest edition of Justin’s Random Thoughts, a weekly column in which I dump my random thoughts of pop culture on you every Friday. This week I predict Age of Ultron’s opening weekend take, talk how Rogue One might be my most anticipated film of the next two, offer thoughts on two Spider-Man… Read the full article


“HAHAHA” Indeed: The First Image of Jared Leto’s Joker Is Laughably Bad

by Matthew Legarreta

The first image of Jared Leto’s Joker look is a joke in and of itself.  Okay guys, it’s a Friday night and I literally don’t want to be writing this article right now.  But this is important stuff, so I’m going to just post it here and let you enjoy it: the first image of… Read the full article

In Theaters April 24, 2015: This Is Not The “Age of” Movie You Are Looking For

by Matthew Legarreta

One week guys.  One week. This week In Theaters is, well, a breather.  Because quite honestly there’s only one film opening in wide release, and it’s not a film you are likely interested in seeing.  But it’s okay, it’s okay — the spring drought will be over soon, and with it will come the glorious… Read the full article

Release Date Shuffle: Pacific Rim 2, Warcraft, The Mummy, Both Fifty Shades of Grey Sequels, And More Get New Dates

by Matthew Legarreta

Universal sets its schedule for the next few years. CinemaCon just wrapped up yesterday, but not before Universal Studios came out with their big presentation, deciding to take the time to also make a bunch of big release date changes.  There’s a lot to cover so, rather than waste time, let’s go at it. *The… Read the full article

The Visit Trailer Breakdown: M. Night Shyamalan Is Still Making Movies

by Jeremy Sollie

Has any director been given more second chances than M. Night Shyamalan? By my count, The Visit is his fifth, if you consider The Village his first misstep (not a term you can use for the films that followed). Shyamalan was crowned “The Next Spielberg” early in his career, and by the time he made The Happening, Shyamalan’s name had become almost… Read the full article