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Matthew Legarreta is the Editor-in-Chief of Geek Binge. A big ol' ball of movie, TV, and video game loving flesh, Matthew started up Geek Binge in the Fall of 2012 to convince himself that he's doing something with his life. He isn't. Matthew also loves writing about himself in the third person, because it makes him feel important or something.

Since It’s Never NOT a Good Idea To Talk About The Breaking Bad Ending, Vince Gilligan Spills Details on Other Ending Ideas That Never Happened


It's been almost half a year since we saw the conclusion of Walter White's story in Breaking Bad, but that doesn't mean that we have to stop talking about it. In fact, as I pointed out months ago, talking about Breaking Bad is what gives us at Geek Binge our life blood here so, realistically, it's best to expect that we will NEVER not talk about it. It will be thirty years from now, Vince Gilligan will be in the ground, and television as a medium would no longer be existing, and we'd STILL find a reason to write about this show. It's one of life's inevitability really: life, death, and talking about Breaking Bad. So with all that said, let's talk abut one of the most heavily discussed Breaking Bad subjects out there -- the ending, of course.

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Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly Are Finally Re-Teaming Again To Become ‘Border Guards’ for a Writer of ‘In The Loop’; Adam McKay May Direct as Well


A decade ago, I don't think many people would have predicted that the guy from Magnolia and Gangs of New York and the funny guy from Old School would one day become a pitch perfect comedy duo. But hey, the pair clearly saw the inklings of a strong working relationship with one another on the set of Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, and took the chemistry they had with one another and played off it briliantly with the very underrated 2009 gem Step Brothers. But in that time it's been a good six years since the pair have really worked together on a feature film (unless you count a certain cameo which, although amazing, isn't really substantial enough to consider a "re-team"), and so a reformation of the pair is very much anticipated amongst film fans. And thus we are getting one, as the two are working on a new film entitled Border Guards, and are doing it alongside screenwriter Jesse Armstrong.

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New Girl Season 3, Episode 21 Review: “Big News”


Like most New Girl fans out there, I'm sure immediately following the close of the last episode "Mars Landing," the first think you said was simply "now what?" The last episode changed the whole status quo of this show all around, and certainly reversed where the season was heading episodes prior. Unfortunately that big moment arose right before the start of a brief hiatus for the show, which meant that we had to stand around (literally I'm sure) just waiting for the moment until we could see what happened after Nick and Jess' big break up. But guys, my god was the wait worth it for one of the funniest episodes of TV I've seen in quite a while.

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Bummer of the Day: Bungie Has Fired Composer Martin O’Donnell, for No Reason Other Than to Make Me Sad


Compared to some other folks out there, I think I'm much more forgiving to 2012's Halo 4. I actually gave the game a pretty strong review and, though I regret praising it a little TOO highly (that game has not aged well in just the year and a half its been on the market and, now at least, the flaws of the experience are certainly more noticeable), but I did have one massive problem with the game that I brought up in the review: the soundtrack. The score to the Halo series is one of the all time greatest in gaming, as composer Martin O'Donnell created an iconic sound with each and every Halo game. Halo 4 composer Neil Davidge could not replicate a sound nearly as iconic, and the problems of that soundtrack greatly hindered the overall game, and made me yearn for some Martin O'Donnell orchestral action. But, sadly enough, it's hard to determine when we'll next get that, as O'Donnell has been canned from Bungie for, well, no reason at all. Find out all the outrage details after the break.

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Fargo Episode 1 Review: “The Crocodile’s Dilemma”


When I first heard that FX was developing a miniseries based off of The Coen Brothers' classic 1996 film Fargo, I admit, I was almost instantly dismissive about the entire thing. To truly understand why though, I think it's important you understand just how much I love the Coen's original version; it's easily one of my favorite movies of all times, and a film I've seen more times than most (at least in the double digits which, for me at least, is an accomplishment.) I think that film is absolute perfection, and just the mere idea that someone would want to ruin such a pure product with a longer TV retread annoyed the hell out of me. But, boy, my mind sure has changed in the past year since then.

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