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Bob Gale Assures Us They Won’t Make A Back To The Future Reboot or Sequel (Until They Inevitably Make A Back To The Future Reboot or Sequel)

Hollywood is currently operating under one of three trends right now: 1) Make everything based on a comic book 2) Make everything fit into a grand “expanded” universe and 3) Adapt anything that came from the 80’s and beyond.  Clearly the studios are trying to capitalize on nostalgia from adult viewers with the later, and […]

The 10 Best Episodes of American Dad

At this point, I know it’s pretty much standard practice for me to begin one of these lists complaining about how hard it was for me to make said list.  But look, I REALLY mean it this time; American Dad is one of my favorite shows on television right now, and the incredibly under-appreciated comedic […]

The Legend of Korra: “The Coronation” Review

There’s a lot of reasons that The Legend of Korra is one of my favorite shows on television.  It’s funny, incredibly animated, wonderfully choreographed, and just has a cast of characters you can really fall in love with.  But one thing that I never really dive into in these reviews is just how freaking smart […]