We Might Get An Alan Wake Sequel Once Quantum Break Is Released, So…Never. We’ll Never Get An Alan Wake Sequel.

by Matthew Legarreta

Remedy will work on Quantum Break for time eternal, but then might work on Alan Wake after that. The delay of Quantum Break earlier this year really broke me, guys.  Here’s one of my most anticipated games of the entire generation, first revealed over two years ago, once again getting delayed again.  I know video games are hard… Read the full article


All The Upcoming Lego Movies Shuffle Release Dates…Again

by Matthew Legarreta

WB plots the future of its Lego empire. The Pan delay wasn’t the only big release date news of the past 24 hours: in fact, there was probably a bigger one.  Warner Bros. has charted release dates for its big animated films, specifically having the Lego Movie shuffle release dates yet again.  This points more to… Read the full article

Running Scared: Warner Brothers’ Pan Delayed Until The Fall

by Matthew Legarreta

Pan delayed because summer is scary. There’s a lot of reasons to delay a film: could be to fill a gap in your release schedule, could be to have extra time to finish the movie, or could be to fit into a more “suitable” time frame for the type of film you are releasing (prestige… Read the full article

Box Office Prognosis: Furious 7 Is The Fastest Film To Reach $1 Billion Worldwide, And Will Be For, Like, A Few More Weeks

by Matthew Legarreta

Enjoy the record while you got it, Furious 7. Despite competition from that kooky mall cop, Furious 7 once again won the weekend with a strong third weekend take, leaving the rest of the new releases all in the (eherm) dust.  Details on that and more await in this week’s Box Office Prognosis! But first,… Read the full article


The Silicon Valley/Veep Power Hour: “Runaway Devaluation”/”East Wing” Reviews

by Matthew Legarreta

This week on Silicon Valley, Richard and the rest of the Pied Piper crew go into damage control following a debilitating lawsuit.  Meanwhile, over on Veep, Seal brokers peace talks with Israel well also contending with a rapidly escalating controversy over a recently removed painting.  The point of these double reviews is to eliminate bloat, so… Read the full article