In Theaters October 24, 2014: 23 Wick n’ Ouija

This weekend is one of the lighter ones it was has been an overall packed October — if you’re looking at just wide releases, of course.  There’s a few films that people consider to be some of the best of the year expanding into more venues this weekend, such as Birdman, Whiplash, Dear White People, […]

The Legend of Korra: “The Calling” Review

Despite this being a “kid’s show” (emphasis on the quotes there), it’s interesting how little of the plot is actually focused on the three kids that star in it.  Yes Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo are just the supporting characters of The Legend of Korra, and the show wasn’t crafted around the airbending trio of kids, […]
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Aaron Sorkin Confirms Christian Bale As Steve Jobs in Danny Boyle’s Biopic (Hey, I Like All The Words In That Headline!)

A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that a bunch of white and popular actors (pretty much every A-lister but Leonardo DiCaprio) was in the conversation to play Steve Jobs in Sony’s high budgeted Danny Boyle biopic (which I’m assuming is going to be called Steve Jobs.)  But then last week word started to […]