Farewell, In GIF Form

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By: Matthew Legarreta

Geek Binge is closing up shop, but here’s some GIFS to take us out with.

So this is never any easy post to make, now is it? But I feel like it’s more inevitable than not now that small publications like ourselves are ultimately responsible for doing it — crafting the final article. Because, starting today, we will no longer be publishing new material on Geek Binge, effectively putting an end to this three-and-a-half-year journey.

Yes, that was indeed a sadness gif, because how else would you understand how to feel at this very moment reading this post? There’s no other way, so thus a GIF. You’re welcome.

In any case, lets get back on subject.

After months of behind the scenes deliberation, we have decided to cease operations on the website for the foreseeable future, meaning that this will be the final post on the website.

As always, the question must be asked

And the reason behind this one is simple: operating a small, independent entertainment blog is hard. Like, really, really hard.

It’s time consuming

And costly

And real life often finds a way of intervening in on all the fun.

And though we clearly love writing about all things movies, TV, and video games, we came to the decision that we didn’t want to half-ass things: we were running out of time and resources, and if that was going to begin to make the website suffer as a whole, then it was better to simply quit well we were (relatively) ahead.

So yeah, end of an era and all that noise. But hey, were not the first, and we certainly won’t be the last, entertainment blog to cease daily activity. Hell, just in this year alone we’ve seen websites like The Dissolve, Rope of Silicon, Grantland, and many others close their virtual doors. There’s just not a ton of money (or, more importantly for me, audience) out there to sustain so many people writing about movies, TV, video games, sports, whatever, you name it. Its certainly tough out there for entertainment websites in this day and age.

Ah shit, haven’t done a GIF in a while..uhh, here’s one of Leonardo DiCaprio dancing in The Wolf of Wall Street:

Ultimately, I don’t regret a single thing about this entire experience. So yeah, this is it, but I’m not really that sad about that: I’m just happy we were able to last as long as we did, and for getting to have this great experience in the first place.

And for that I have my team to thank: Senior Editor Jeremy Sollie, Gaming Editor Jared Russo, News Editor Jake Wilbanks, Justin Powell, Wednesday Lee Friday, Wesley Emblidge, Kristina Rettig, Cole Rush, Daniel Reichert, Adam Ballard, Britt Gettys, James Willetts, Craig Seymour, Jesse Gormley, and Ciaran Sanchez. Without their involvement, this website wouldn’t be nearly as successful. So props to all of them.

But of course the big person that we all have to thank for this experience is, well, you. The readers of this website, who are in the many thousands (trust me, I know!), even if they aren’t the most vocal bunch around. Thanks for supporting us in any way you did over the last few years, and let it be known that we loved having an audience for our work even if youre numbers weren’t in the millions and millions every day, we cherished every one of you.

So yeah, that does it then, I guess. Our archived posts will be around for the foreseeable future, so dont worry: if you still havent figured out how to get UK Netflix here in the states, or really want to know all 100 Best Episodes of Spongebob, you will still be able to. But other than that, I guess this is FADE OUT.

For the last time,