Rumor Mill: Daredevil Season 2 Might Premiere The Same Day As Batman V Superman

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Marvel, you’re such a scamp.

You guys remember the great Civil War/Dawn of Justice Release Date Feud of 2013? I know that in over two years it has already dissolved into pure myth, but I remember: basically what happened was that Marvel (in their always over-prepared wisdom) set the release date for Captain America: Civil War (known at that time as merely Captain America 3) long ago, claiming the much coveted first weekend of May spot they’ve been using for years now. But on the horizon another superhero film, the delayed Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, swooped in and tried to claim the space for itself, causing an all-and-out DC/Marvel cold war. There was no way the two gigantic tentpole superhero films would open the same exact day, but the question became more about who would blink first than anything else.

Predictably it was Warner Bros./DC who decided to move, pushing Batman V Supermans release date to where it is now: March 25, 2016. Ultimately it was a smart decision on the studio’s part, since that film has a hell of a lot to lose if it didn’t perform gangbusters on release, and didn’t need the looming threat of another superhero film ON THE SAME DAY to make that task any harder. Still though, apparently Marvel holds a grudge, and have decided to get back at WB/DC for even DARING to try and compete with them in the most passive aggressive, hilarious way possible: by putting the premiere of one of their big properties against the superhero movie anyway.

Yes, according to, Marvel is looking at March 25 to launch Daredevil Season 2, which is exciting in and of itself. But when you consider that DC very much wants BvS to be the center of conversation for that entire weekend (ala Star Wars), well, it’s a pretty clear indication that Marvel is having fun trolling this company. For what it’s worth I think it would be silly for Marvel to do this, and just a tad bit petty (there’s like 52 weekends in a year you could release the season, it doesn’t HAVE to be this one!), but you also kind of have to appreciate how Marvel is openly creating these little conflicts now, and doesn’t care much to hide it.

IF this report proves to be true, after all; it seems likely from where I’m standing (season 1 of the show premiered April 10 of 2015, so it’s around the same timeframe), but it could just be a false flag from someone to give us all a good laugh. Either way: mission accomplished.


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