Yay, The First Image From Game Of Thrones Season 6 Has Arrived, And It Features…Bran?! Aww, Damn It!

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You win some, you lose some.

Man, even though it feels like the last season just ended a few months ago, it’s extremely cool that we only have about four months or so to wait until the new season of Game of Thrones premieres. Yeah sure that seems long when you break it down into days (at least 120 of them), but were certainly closer to Game of Thrones Season 6 than we were to the end of Season 5, and that’s an exciting notion indeed. And even more exciting is the beginning of the next season’s marketing campaign, which started on the part of HBO when they realized the Jon Snow-centric poster, and continued with the shows first brief (and new footage-less) teaser.

And now the marketing efforts have continued with our first image from Game of Thrones Season 6, which would be super exciting if it wasn’t for the only thing the image gives us a look at: freaking Bran Stark, all grown up and as unexciting as ever. In any case, check out the first image below, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly🙂

All cynicism aside, it is somewhat nice to see the show finally lean into the older age of actor Isaac Hempstead-Wright, and not just try to make us believe he’s still some young kid with his young kid here. And hey, not a bad haircut, Bran. I guess Hodor is one hell of a barber, or maybe Max Von Sydow’s Three Eyed Raven has a knack with scissors. Either way, like his older brother many times over, the most interesting thing about this image is Bran’s hair, and not much else. Let’s hope that our next peek at Game of Thrones Season 6 is somewhat more substantial.

The show doesn’t have an exact return date at this point, but is on track to land in April 2016. Expect more images and (hopefully) footage in the coming months.