The First Official Images Of Benedict Cumberbatch As Doctor Strange Look Exactly As You Would Expect

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And that’s certainly not a bad thing

Marvel Studios is obviously focusing a lot of marketing muscle right now on Captain America: Civil War, but there’s of course another big Marvel movie waiting in the wings for release this year: Scott Derrickson’s Doctor Strange. The legendary Sorcerer Supremes big screen debut will be landing in November which, yes, means it’s a little bit too early for us to see footage from the film. But with 2016 only a few days away, Marvel has taken it upon themselves to give us a little peek at their new character, and have teamed up with frequent partner Entertainment Weekly to do just that.

And yes, I can certainly see how that last part could worry you: EW is notorious when it comes to terrible cover photos (need I remind you of MEOW?), but this one actually isn’t so bad. And the image contained within the actual article are pretty good! Thankfully EW has published all the photos to the internet, so now you can check them out for yourself below:

Yeah, consider me surprisingly impressed. I had some reservations about Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange when If first heard the casting but, I must say, he looks pretty great in costume. And of course it’s nice to see that said costume is great looking as well: Marvel has a terrific history in this department, and Doctor Strange seems to be continuing that tradition. The other bits of concept art meanwhile are equally as promising, showing off some weird looking magic and locations. I want this film to be strange (pardon the pun) in comparison to the rest of the MCU, and these first images are a promising start to achieving just that. I can only hope that when we finally get to see the film in action (likely in the next few months), I’ll be just as positive.

Doctor Strange will hit theaters November 4, 2016.


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