Remember That Animated Spider-Man Movie? Cool, Well, Its Been Delayed

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But it’s still coming…we think.

Even though Marvel pretty much abandoned all of its plans for world domination a full-fledged Spider-Man Cinematic Universe after the deal they made with Marvel, not all of their Spidey spin-offs were pushed to the side following the announcement of Marvels Spider-Man reboot. In fact, one very big one was announced, as the studio revealed they were working with (who else?) Phil Lord and Chris Miller on an animated Spider-Man movie, to be released in the summer of 2018 (approximately a year after the live action one would hit theaters.)

It was a pretty crazy announcement, and one we still don’t really have all that much information for: it’s safe to say that Lord and Miller will be producing it, and probably have a hand in writing it as well, but would they be directing the picture too? It was hard to say at the time, what with the duo’s massive slate of franchises they have a say in (21 Jump Street, Lego, The Flash, The Last Man on Earth, Star Wars, etc.) possibly creating a bit of a scheduling difficulty. And though it’s not confirmed if that’s the reason for this animated Spider-Man movies delay, it could very well be a factor.

In any case, The Tracking Board on Twitter announced that the release date for the animated spin-off has been pushed back, moving from its original July release date into Christmas 2018 (or December 21, 2018 to be exact.) Here’s the tweet:

Sonys ANIMATED SPIDER-MAN flick will now cast its web 12/21/18 instead of summer 2018.

— Exhibitor Relations (@ERCboxoffice) December 22, 2015

Once again, we know next to nothing about this film, and this new release date says little. Sure it could have been pushed back to allow Lord/Miller more time to work on it (especially if they are doing it in a directing capacity), or it could just be Sony seeing the massive success of Force Awakens and deciding they want some of that. Who’s to say, really. But as long as this project sticks around, it’s going to be interesting to see where it progresses for sure.


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