Fuller House Trailer Breakdown: Ha Ha No, I’m Not Going To Do That

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C’mon, its FREAKING Full House!

Like, do you need me to breakdown the trailer? Must I go through every single fucking step of the trailer, remarking on how the house looks or how the voiceovers sound or how saccharine the entire affair is? Hell no–just watch the stupid trailer below.

The trailer was released on Youtube through Netflix’s account because, as I’m sure they figured, this weekend is going to be a fun one for people waxing nostalgic about their youth, and Netflix just wanted to get all in on that. And considering the returns Disney’s strategy seems to be giving them, can you blame Netflix? Anywho, the trailer.

Look, taken on its own, it’s not actually a bad trailer. If I had any respect for Full House as other than that really lame sitcom I watched on Nick at Night when I was 9 and had nothing better to watch, it probably would have been a pretty effective piece of nostalgia cheese. And hey, the only character actually on screen was a dog, so thats always cool. I wonder if its going to be a convoluted offspring of the Tanners dog, Comet, who of course they got early on in the show when the dog they found on the street, Minnie, gave birth to puppies and the owners of Minnie, after finding her again, let them keep one of the offspring.

I knew that all at the top of my head. Curse you, syndication.

Anyways, the trailer ended with a release date announcement of February 26, 2015, so mark your calendar, Full House fans. If you bingers want to catch up on the rest of the series before the new show premieres, you still have 72 days to watch all 192 episodes of the original series. That’s only 2.49 episodes a day! Better get crackin.