In News That Is Instantly Chuckle Worthy, Chris Hemsworth Will Play The Receptionist in Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters

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My review of Paul Feig’s latest feature, Spy, will be landing tomorrow afternoon, but one thing that I didn’t get the chance to bring up during the piece was whether or not the (spoiler alertness) greatness of that film has bumped up my enthusiasm for Feig’s Ghostbusters movie.  That’s because the answer is quite honestly pretty complicated: Spy showed off that Feig could actually make a good looking, funny action movie and that Melissa McCarthy could be wonderful when a little more down to earth (which I hope is the version of her persona she will use to catch ghosts with), but the entire enterprise that this reboot is built around still irks me.  I’m still fundamentally opposed to the existsance of this project, even if some of the central elements in it are looking pretty promising.

On that note…enter Chris Hemsworth.  Yes, Thor/Huntsman/a Blackhat hacker named Hathaway (remember that movie?) has recently been expanding his repertoire into the world of comedy, taking on a gig in this summer’s Vacation in which he gets to show off his comedic prowess, among other things.  And now Hemsworth is doing another big 80’s reboot, as director Paul Feig announced the actor will be playing the receptionist for the new team of Ghostbusters in next year’s reboot.  Which means that Chris Hemsworth is the modern equivalent of Annie Potts — not a sentence I’d ever imagine typing, but there ya go.  Here’s the tweet announcing the casting from Feig:

We won’t see Hemsworth in an actual comedy until Vacation, but he’s always showed off a fun sense of humor in most of his stuff (I would say it’s one of the most underappreciated aspects of the Thor movies, honestly.)  He’s a great addition to the team and, yeah, just the mere concept of him being a receptionist is pretty funny in and of itself.  And if you think that’s sexist, well clearly Paul Feig casted him for this exact reason, and as the male voice of all females in Hollywood, his word is law.*

Ghostbusters arrives in theaters next July.  Are you on board for Chris Hemsworth as part of the team?  Let us know in the comments!


*Jesus, that’s a joke.  Lighten up people.

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    June 11, 2015 at 5:17 PM

    This is cool!! I want to see him expand on his roles and try exercising his comedic chops.

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