Joe Carnahan Might Write and Direct Bad Boys 3

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The Grey helmer might sub in for Michael Bay.

I am a huge fan of director Joe Carnahan, something I have not been afraid to talk about at length on this website.  I even enjoyed his last film, Stretch, despite how rough around the edges it was.  And for a moment there, I was afraid that we had lost Carnahan from the world of big budget filmmaking, as the director moved towards work on TV shows like State of Affairs and The Blacklist in lieu of feature length films.  But it seems we have not lost Carnahan yet, as the director is apparently in talks to take over for Michael Bay on Sony’s long, long gestating Bad Boys 3.

I’m sure many of you believed that Michael Bay would be chosen to direct Bad Boys 3 considering that he directed the last two, but something tells me he’s too busy with his silly Transformers films (and a movie about Benghazi for some reason) to return for another adventure with Detectives Lowrey and Burnett.  Instead it looks like Sony is eyeing Carnahan to take over the series, as Deadline reports that the Smokin’ Aces director will be re-writing the original draft from Safe House’s Marc Guggenheim, and could potentially direct the film as well.  Sony reportedly fast tracking the film so that it’s available to present to Will Smith after he finishes shooting Suicide Squad in the next few weeks.  For what it’s worth, Smith is in a weak enough position right now that he could very much agree to do the film — I mean, if Sony could get him for Men in Black III, this shouldn’t be so hard, right?  And no one even needs to ask Martin Lawrence, we all know he’s game.


But in my mind, Carnahan is an excellent choice to continue on this series.  He has an excellent eye for action, and I can see him having a lot of fun with the craziness that this series portrays.  We’ll see if it ends up panning out, and will keep you updated on the status of the project as it treks on through development.