Geek Binge’s E3 2015 Predictions Challenge

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Welcome to our second annual Predictions Challenge!

E3 2015 is right around the corner, and we wanted to predict dumb shit and win something because we’re competitive and bored. The gaming staff has come together to share their out on a limb, left field shots based on nothing but blind luck and no skill. These E3 predictions are scaled, and based on the Taco Bell Border Sauce packets. A mild prediction nets you only one measly point, a hot prediction scores two, and a scorching on-fire prediction gets three.

We aren’t clairvoyant here at Geek Binge, but we do love E3 and one of us will win. Last year it was our boss and Editor-in-Chief Matt, and this year the pressure is on him. This post will be updated with the winner, with all the predictions and scores tallied (if someone remembers to do them).

The scoring system we use to weigh the predictions.

Click here to listen to these predictions in podcast form! Our gaming show, Screen Bytes, is worth subscribing to, as well, while you’re at it. I mean you got this far, right?

Jared’s Predictions

1. Bethesda announces details on the long awaited Doom beta, which came with Wolfenstein like forever ago. (Mild – 1 point)

2. Microsoft and Phil Spencer talk more about Windows 10, the new Xbone OS and UI, and show up at the PC Show for a surprise. (Mild – 1 point)

3. Avalanche delays either Just Cause 3 or Mad Max. (Mild – 1 point)

4. Animal Crossing comes to Wii U with their own Amiibo line. (Hot – 2 points)

5. Ubisoft ends their press conference for the fourth straight year with yet another new IP. (Mild – 1 point)

6. Blizzard brings another game to consoles. (Mild – 1 point)

7. The inevitable Gears of War remaster thing comes with a beta for the new Gears. (Mild – 1 point)

8. No hardware gets a price cut at any press conference. (Hot – 2 points)

9. Rare shows their new game. (Mild – 1 point)

10. The Last Guardian teaser trailer shows up at the Sony conference! It’s happening guys, for real this time. (Scorching – 3 points)

Matt’s Predictions

1. Crackdown 3 footage will be shown, and there will be a release window for the game. (Mild – 1 point)

2. Metal Gear Solid V will be at the Sony Press Conference to wow us all. RIP Kojima Studios. (Mild – 1 point)

3. Kingdom Hearts III will NOT get a release date. Much to our chagrin… (Mild – 1 point)

4. But Final Fantasy XV will! (Mild – 1 point)

5. EA will announce an exclusive partnership for the inevitable Battlefront beta. (Mild – 1 point)

6. Dishonored 2 gets announced. (Mild – 1 point)

7. The Last of Us 2 teaser ends Sony’s presentation. One of those “one more thing” moments. (Scorching – 3 points)

8. Nintendo will announce a new Mario Galaxy game. (Scorching – 3 points)

9. Microsoft announces another third party exclusive. But I won’t tell you because I’m a loser! My name is Matthew LeGarreta, and I am lame (Editor’s Note: Shut up Jared.) (Mild – 1 point)

10. Fuck it, Left 4 Dead 3. (Scorching – 3 points)

Cole’s Predictions

1. Gravity Rush 2 gets announced. (Hot – 2 points)

2. Ubisoft announces an Assassin’s Creed spin-off ‘pirates’ game of some sort with sailing and pillaging. (Scorching – 3 points)

3. The God of War game that’s being worked on it shown off. (Mild – 1 point)

4. Nintendo lied to us all, and they will show that Wii U Legend of Zelda. (Hot – 2 points)

5. Sakurai trolls us all and shows 2 new Smash Bros. fighters from that fan vote. Hopefully one is Waluigi. (Hot – 2 points)

6. An Amiibo specific game is unveiled. (Hot – 2 points)

7. Super Mario Sunshine returns with a new game. (Scorching – 3 points)

8. A new Super Mario Strikers game exists and is being worked on currently. (Scorching – 3 points)

9. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. (Mild – 1 point)

10. Star Fox is shown, has an Amiibo line. I mean, what doesn’t at this point? (Mild – 1 point)

Darron’s Predictions

1. Sega will release a modded version of Phantasy Star Online 2 for the American market. (Scorching – 3 points)

2. Resident Evil 7 is a thing. (Scorching – 3 points)

3. Crackdown will be present at E3 but it will not come out in 2015. (Mild – 1 point)

4. Nintendo will have a new Metroid game to show…but it’s for 3DS. (Hot – 2 points)

5. The Xbox One will get a brand new American made RPG. (Hot – 2 points)

6. A 1TB PS4 is unveiled to combat the Xbone bundle. (Hot – 2 points)

7. A new Xbox One app that utilizes Kinect will be shown off. And there will be a new Kinect specific program to back it up. (Scorching – 3 points)

8 The sequel to Playstation All-Star is coming. (Scorching – 3 points)

9. The Smash Bros. character poll is won by King K. Rool. (Scorching – 3 points)

10. Kingdom Hearts III gets a 2016 release date. (Hot – 2 points)


Those are our predictions. We’ll see if we’re correct, so come next week and be sure to check out our podcast version of this predictions challenge!

– Jared


  1. Cole Rush

    June 10, 2015 at 1:09 PM

    My pirate game prediction is not a spin-off, though it may take elements from AC4. It is a new IP. Also, Super Mario Sunshine is a remake, not a new game.

  2. Cole Rush

    June 17, 2015 at 1:54 PM

    By my calculations, I got 1 point! BEAT THAT!

  3. Jared Russo

    June 17, 2015 at 4:17 PM

    Darron got more than you did. That’s astonishing

  4. Matthew Legarreta

    June 17, 2015 at 4:58 PM

    I will beat that, with TWO points. TWO OF ‘EM!

  5. Cole Rush

    June 18, 2015 at 8:15 AM

    I’m quite surprised. I knew some of them were pretty out there, but others were sensible, if a bit risky. Damn.

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