Aca-Universal-Is-Really-Going-To-Squeeze-All-The-Money-They-Can-Out-Of-This-Arent-They: Pitch Perfect 3 Is In Development

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Writer Kay Cannon set for the threequel.

Look, I don’t think anyone has a right to say they are surprised that Pitch Perfect 3 is happening.  When a comedy has a sequel that does more business in one weekend than the first did in its entire run, and is on track to do more than $300 million worldwide on what was likely a mid-size budget, you’re getting a sequel — that’s just how it is.  Add the addition of Hailee Steinfeld to the series in a role tailer suited to carry the franchise on, and it’s pretty clear that Universal was going to make another Pitch Perfect movie.

But now it’s super official, as The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the sequel is moving forward, with series creator Kay Cannon on board to pen another film, and Steinfeld signed on to lead the new Barden Bellas.  And emphasize on new, I assume, for (spoiler alert for Pitch Perfect 2, I guess) all the other members of the Bellas graduated at the end of that film.  That means that poor Steinfeld is alone to create a team of singers all by herself.  What pressure.

But this is going to be a weird sequel either way, simply because I can’t see them making another one without bringing back Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson — they are the stars of the series, and you have to imagine Universal wants them to factor into the sequel in someway…I just don’t know how.  Maybe it will be like Community, and all the graduating Bellas will return to be teachers or something which, yeah, is really sad.  Note to college comedies that plan to have sequels: don’t make all your main characters graduate at the end of it.  That just complicates things.

But original Bellas present or not, Pitch Perfect 3 is almost certainly being released.  Is this something that piques your jaded film lover interests?  My guess will be no but, hey, try and surprise me.