Here’s When Lucas Comes to Super Smash Bros.

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PK Thunder!!!

Mother 3 fans rejoice! Oh, and just regular fans of Super Smash Brosand/or new fighters. Lucas is finally coming to Smash for Wii U and 3DS, marking his second appearance in the fighting game series. According to a tweet from Nintendo, he’ll be available for download on June 14th at 8 am PT.

This news tells us that Lucas is available only two days before Nintendo’s digital E3 event, during which we’re bound to see a few new characters pop up. Check out our Nintendo E3 preview here. Alongside Super Smash Bros. content, we expect to see DLC for Splatoon and a bunch of new information on Mario Maker, and maybe even a few new game reveals. Fans are bound to be excited for a Lucas amiibo as well, though his pal Ness has become a very rare figurine from the latest line.

If the pricing mirror’s that of Mewtwo’s DLC, you can expect Lucas to cost $3.99 per system or $4.99 bundled for both. Not too bad a price point, especially with more characters on the way.  And speaking of more characters (and excellent transitions), you can vote for who you want to appear in the next DLC on the Super Smash Bros. website. Be sure to put in a good word for Waluigi and Midna and Wolf Link. Visit the fighter ballot to make your pick here.  We did a post on our most wanted characters for the next DLC, featuring the writing debut of our Screen Bytes co-host Darron Lewis. Check it out here, and be sure to comment on how much better my picks were than the other guys’.

Now that Lucas is making is return, will you pick him up? What other characters are you looking to see in the next round of DLC? Is any of this even real? Let us know in the comments!