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Box Office Prognosis: I Spy With My Little Eye A Box Office Success

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But maybe not a gigantic hit.

This week at the box office was taken over by Melissa McCarthy’s Spy, which managed to make it to the top of the three new releases of the week by a pretty substantial margin.  Meanwhile, San Andreas has a decent decline and Mad Max: Fury Road continues to hang on in there.  Details on that and more await in this week’s Box Office Prognosis!

But let’s go back to Spy first.  The new Paul Feig/Melissa McCarthy pairing took the number one position at the box office, though it did open a considerable amount lower than their previous film together, 2013’s The Heat.  That film took in $40 million in a late June debut, and Spy could only rack up $29 million in its debut.  Still though, that’s pretty good for a film resting solely on the comedic talents of McCarthy, and her films tend to have a lot of legs — even last year’s Tammy managed to rack up nearly $85 million off of a low $20 million debut.  And since this one is actually pretty good, I expect it to maintain pretty well in the coming weeks.  Expect a final domestic group of around $100 million.

In second place for the weekend was last week’s big winner, The Rock’s San Andreas.  Decreasing about 52%, the disaster film has made around $100 million to date, which isn’t too bad for an original disaster movie.  It has a strong chance of breaking $150 million and, where the foreign box office is concerned, forget about it: this film is going to be a pretty big success.


In third place we had another newcomer, Insidious: Chapter 3.  The horror film took in $22 million over the three day frame, which was a considerably less amount of money than what the last movie made last year. That one opened to $40 million last September, which gave Focus the guts to open this next one in the summer — bad call, honestly.  Still though, these films are cheap, so it will still make a good amount of money.  And being a horror film, expect another one next year (just probably opening in September or March though.)

But the series that probably has seen the last light of day is Entouragewhose movie opened up rather low in fourth place with a weekend gross of $10.2 million.  It was weird to expect anything higher from this adaptation if you ask me, but some people still did (like HBO for instance.)  With its gross so far, expect it to not even break $35 million.  Rounding out the Top 5 though was thankfully Mad Max: Fury Road, which ended its last week in the Top 5 with a gross of $7 million.  That makes a total so far of $130 million, and the film cracking $150 million isn’t out of the question whatsoever.  And since its made double that internationally, this one might end up being a hit yet.


Here’s the chart:

Box Office: June 8, 2015

Spy$29 million
San Andreas$25.8 million
Insidious Chapter 3$22.6 million
Entourage$10 million
Pitch Perfect 2$7.5 million
Tomorrowland$7.2 million
Avengers: Age of Ultron$6.3 million
Aloha$3.2 million
Poltergeist$2.7 million
Mad Max: Fury Road$7.8 million

Check back next week to see how much money Jurassic World can make in its opening.  Expect it to be a lot.


  • bill norris

    i might see Spy on dvd but i dont think I’ll go in the theater.