The Silicon Valley/Veep Power Hour: “White Hat, Black Hat”/”B/ill” Reviews

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Cursed tequila and drowsy voice memos. 

First things first everyone, I apologize greatly for having to skip out on last week’s Silicon Valley/Veep Power Hour reviews — if you haven’t heard my complaints about it all over Twitter, my computer died, which means I’ve been rolling without one for the past week.  Yeah, I know, my life is hard.  But for that reason I could not craft my review in a suitable time frame, so I made the call to just forego that week.

And trust me, I was *this* close away from doing that this week too, since this review is clearly super late as well (do you guys even remember a Silicon Valley and/or Veep?  It was so long ago.)  But because I skipped last week’s reviews, I felt like I would be doing a disservice to both shows if I decided to do that once more.  That said, this review is literally going to give like one paragraph each to the respective shows, because I really am working on a limited timeframe here and have other things I need to get done before I lose my one time a day computer privileges.  Which means I probably should just get to talking about the episodes, rather than ruminating on the disclaimer.  Eh, whatever, it’s my site, I do what I want.

But for the second time this season, I feel like the highlight of the Power Hour was “Silicon Valley,” delivering a hugely entertaining and very, very funny half hour of comedy in “White Hat, Black Hat.”  One of the big joys of this show in my opinion is seeing Richard clumsily navigate his way out of tricky situations caused exclusively by his own paranoia/neurosis.  And the plot of “White Hat, Black Hat” was all about that, as Richard’s guilt over the EndFrame “hacking” caused him to seek out the now former head of security for the competitor…who of course wasn’t at all happy when he learned the truth about what happened.  Add in a heavy dose of some truly fantastic running gags (the math jokes, children hearing swear words, etc) and the perfectly plotted final five minutes of the episode, and you have a pretty fantastic episode of Silicon Valley.  Let’s hope that quality sticks in the last two episodes.


Meanwhile in the land of Veep there was a lot of greatness too, even if it wasn’t up to the level of pure excellency the season has been operating on.  There’s no exact reason why either: the set-up of having Selina sick in bed while everyone else scrambles wildly to destroy her own bill is a great one, and for the most part the material worked.  Once again we’re talking about the distinction between “greatness” and “amazingness” here, which is pretty arbitrary when you get down to it.  “B/ill” (which is very cleverly titled by the way) was a great episode of Veep in my mind, and one that sets up a lot of interesting stories to play out down the line, especially where the department of law breaking is concerned.  I’m so pumped for next week’s hearing episode, that’s for sure.


Quotes and Such from the Episodes, Not Technically Loose Ends Because I Really Have Other Things To Do And I’m Just Phoning This One In

  • “Giving you money is literally the worst thing I could do for you.”
  • “Someone will be held responsible.”. ” Me?”
  • “There’s a chance no one will no I had anything to do with it at all.”
  • “Since he’s a piece of shit, he’s a piece of shit.”
  • “I don’t smoke, except for special occasions.” Great payoff.
  • “Math aside Richard, we’re all black hats now.”
  • Gilfoyle on Coders: “By definition we’re all pussies.”
  • “Pedophiles are not early adopters.”
  • “Your lack of paranoia is insane to me.”
  • “That guy…Bin Laden…he fucks.”
  • Looks at Elrich and says nothing.
  • “You got a gift to yourself to prove your not an asshole.”
  • “Your sites are some of my primary destinations.”


  • “Go get yourself 10 sodas.”
  • “She’s going full Colonel Kurtz.”
  • “God Gary, I wish you could have gotten this flu instead of me.”
  • “Two giant children in there Dad’s suits.”
  • “I feel like I’m Captain of the Titanic and I just carved the ice berg myself.”
  • “And I’m getting sick of your constant interruptions!”
  • “I was the messenger, I could be shot!”
  • “Like something out of a political cartoon.”
  • “Your earwax might bring down the president.”
  • “Oh hold on there Hunk of the Mouth.”
  • “Join the circle jerk, grab a dick.”
  • “But you’re not!  OH MY GOD NOW YOU ARE.”
  • “My future depends on one fucking elf?!”
  • “Oh no, Joker and Penguin beat us to it.”
  • “Well this is a long glass of Frozen Strawberry Fuck-Up”
  • “I’m sorry, your jittery ass is THE PRESIDENT’S!”
  • “Oh my god, I got out like I had a fucking map.”
  • “You think I want to be in this Minecraft fucking car?!”
  • “I took a precision driving class Dan, I know what I’m doing!”
  • “Everyone shut your fucking holes!”
  • “You’re Fozzy Bear whose been ripped out and stuffed with heroin.”  What a glorious rant.
  • “I’m fine, because my name begins with Amy!”
  • “Hey you guys, long time no see!”  Mike is just so excited.
  • “There’s Pierce, he even walks dumb.”
  • “She sounds like an underwater Bob Dylan.”
  • “Fuck you, America.”
  • “How do you leave a memo in your sleep?!”

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