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Box Office Prognosis: The Rock and His Shifting Rocks Rock The Box Office

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An earth shattering debut.

…Although not really; I just thought the first part of this article could use more ill-thought out puns.  In actuality, San Andreas had a solid but unspectacular opening this weekend, as the rest of the holdovers stay relatively afloat, and Aloha completely bombs.  Yup, fun times this week at the box office, so let’s dive in!

Starting off of course with the week’s big winner, Dwayne Johnson’s San Andreas.  He didn’t direct the film of course, but damn if it wasn’t his pure movie star charisma that got that shit made in the first place.  The film took in about $54.5 million, which is above most expectations for the film…because of The Rock.  Let’s just make it clear, it was all because of The Rock.  In any case, that’s a decent start for the film, which technically counts as an “original” blockbuster, and heavily outgrossed other “original” blockbusters this year like Tomorrowland, Chappieetc.  Expect a final gross around $125 million domestic.

With San Andreas taking the top spot, it was left to the holdovers to fill out the rest of the Top 5, and boy did they do it: and oddly enough, all the big blockbusters of the last two weeks grossed about the same this weekend, all within about a million of each other.  Leading the pack was Pitch Perfect 2 with around $14.8 million, with a total domestic cume this far of $147 million.  That’s still pretty terrific for the film, and an end gross of near $190 million seems likely.  Right behind it however was Tomorrowland, which dropped nearly 60% in its second weekend to a take of $14.3 million.  That’s a really low two week gross of just $63 million, which isn’t so hot for the $180 million grosser.  It will likely break $100 million, but just barely.

In number four is a film that’s already broken $100 million though, as Mad Max: Fury Road added another $14.1 million to its total domestic take.  That makes for a sum of $116 million, which I still think is pretty solid for this type of film.  Add in impressive foreign receipts (about $165 million thus far), and this one will likely make back double its budget at the box office, enough to be a success surely, but one worthy of a sequel?  Honestly, I’m still not sure, but I hope so at least — the world needs more Mad Max.


Finally rounding out the Top 5 was Avengers: Age of Ultronenjoying its last weekend in the Top 5 with a gross of about $11 million.  That makes for a gross of $427 million at this current point, which is of course fantastic, but a lot less than what its predecessor did domestically (about $650 million compared to the likely $450 million this one will make by the end of its run.)  Disney viewing that as a disappointment is of course preposterous, but still – it’s worth noting.  And also worth noting is the number six grosser of the week, Cameron Crowe’s Aloha, which was the financial disaster everyone (including Sony) expected it to be.  The film only made $9.6 million this weekend, and will likely drop off in the weeks ahead.  Yeah, Sony will have to take a bath on that one.

Here’s the chart:

Box Office: June 1, 2015

San Andreas$54 million
Pitch Perfect 2$14.8 million
Tomorrowland$14.3 million
Mad Max: Fury Road$14.1 million
Avengers: Age of Ultron$11.5 million
Aloha$9.6 million
Poltergeist$8 million
Far From The Maddening Crowd$1.4 million
Hot Pursuit$1.4 million
Home$1,2 million

Check back next week to see if Melissa McCarthy still gots box office clout with Spy.  See ya then!