Celestial Being Tilda Swinton In Talks To Join Marvel’s Doctor Strange

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She’ll play a normal person.

Now that audiences have proven they’re willing to pay for movies about talking raccoons that end with teases featuring giant purple aliens, Marvel has gone all-in on the otherworldly and the weird. Included in the studio’s upcoming slate of films are Inhumans and Doctor Strange, the latter of which is headed into theaters next fall. Director Scott Derrickson and star Benedict Cumberbatch are already onboard the film, and The Hollywood Reported has revealed that negotiations are currently underway with Tilda Swinton for her to play Strange’s mentor, The Ancient One.

According to nerds, the comics version of The Ancient One was a male Tibetan mystic, visualized as your run-of-the-mill old Asian wizard. It’s no surprise then that Marvel has headed in a different direction. After initially looking at male actors for the role, the studio rethought the casting and landed with Swinton, who looks like she could play a character called The Ancient One (or appear in a picture from two centuries ago). The studio and Swinton are only in negotiations, the stage at which Joaquin Phoenix left the film’s title role. Of course, Swinton has a better track record with these types of films than Phoenix, having appeared in Constantine and all three Chronicles of Narnia films. Plus, it’s hard to pass up a role with a name like that.

If Swinton accepts, she’ll play the mentor to Cumberbatch’s Stephen Strange, who – in the comics, at least – arrives looking for healing following a serious car crash that leaves him without his fine motor skill. The Ancient One gets Strange into the magical arts, and some fun training sequences – that include shots of Swinton grimacing before eventually giving an enthusiastic thumbs up – presumably ensue. Doctor Strange films in London this November and has a release date of November 6, 2016.

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