The Silicon Valley/Veep Power Hour: “Homicide”/”Storms and Pancakes”

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Energy drinks and pancakes.

This week on Silicon Valley, the guys create a livestream deal to go head-to-head with Huli.  Meanwhile, on Veep, Selena’s campaign kicks off in full swing as she and her new running mate head campaigning.  Let’s just jump right in, shall we?

Because yeah, just like everything else this week, this review is rather late, so I’m not going to waste time mincing words: in fact, I don’t even no if I’m going to separate the two episodes into separate halves of the review, to be honest.  Because, to be honest, both “Storms and Pancakes” and “Homicide” are very similar episodes of each respective series…and by that, I mean they are each the weakest installments of both show’s current seasons.

Yes, that might sound harsh, but truly it isn’t: both “Homicide” and “Storms and Pancakes” were good episodes of television with a lot of really funny moments within them, but lacked a certain spark to take things over the quality hump into greatness.  I’m not going to hold it against either show, mostly because each show had their BEST episodes of the season just a week ago: clearly this week was meant to be a comedown, and I’m glad that both Veep and Silicon Valley can have comedowns as entertaining as this.


Because I’m lazy right now, I’m just going to do a quick listing of what I liked about each episodes in their respective Loose Ends.  Ugh, I’m just the worst aren’t I?


Loose Ends:

Silicon Valley:
  • The sideplot with Gilofyle and Dinesh was easily the highlight of the episode, with the decision on whether or not to kill Blaine being endlessly funny.  The rest was, yeah, good-to-okay.
  • “The picture is so blocky it looks like Minecraft.”
  • “Gavin Belson just shit everyone’s pants.”
  • Why don’t we just livestream me killing you.
  • “You look like a ferret that gave up on himself six months ago.”
  • “He’s definitely going to fuck her later and she’s not going to tink of you when it happens.”
  • “There is the moral problem with letting him die.”
  • “And his name is Blaine.”
  • “In fact, people use to call him Double Asshole.”
  • “Is this Windows Vista bad?”  Microsoft will never live that one down, will they?
  • “I’m sorry for the disturbance Allen, Lisa, Josh, Yana…”
  • “Strengths: One less guy named Blaine.”
  • Favorite card on the corkboard: “Gina threesome with Gina and Blain’s Hot Mom?”
  • “Weaknesses: Blaine dies really fast.”
  • “Would you believe that was here when we came in?”
  • “In fact YOU’RE A DOUBLE ASSHOLE.”  Awesome delivery by Thomas Middleditch.
  • “You tore double asshole a third asshole!”
  • “The resolution in your imagination is infinite.”
  • “I’d file this one under weakness Jared.”



  • I still really like Hugh Laurie here, and he’s mixing with the cast quite well.  The rest of the episode was pretty standard Veep though, and a pretty forgettable episode to be honest.  After the stellar season its had though, the show has more than earned a break episode.
  • “It’s true, those funnel cakes are just great.”
  • “You are box office platinum, my friend.”  That’s combining two different things there.
  • “Fun fact: We’re running a campaign not a bake sale!”
  • “We have the full power of the National Weather Service, Mike.”  “Sure, but it’s a really good app!”
  • “A joke is not a joke unless everyone laughs at it.”  Oh Richard…that’s not right at all, but especially on this show.
  • “How are the testees, Jonah?”
  • “Is this a good choice I made?
  • “You look sweaty on TV yesterday, are you going through the change?”
  • “You know what you do with lame animals?”  “Care for them.”
  • “I thought you might be in a straight jacket drooling on meds!”  Crazy Amy was pretty great here.  Her screaming in the parking garage was excellent.
  • “Is to use them to make a shit load of money.  Mark Twain said that.”
  • “Stop screaming!”
  • “Go to a fucking church, find someone there who has some valium, and take four of them.”
  • “Teddy can’t hurt you now.”
  • “Jesus fucking Christ, you all look like me.”
  • “Richard, I don’t look like a middle aged woman, do I?”  I don’t think this sexually molestation plotline is the funnest thing ever or anything, but might be worth it for that line alone.
  • “Buttermilk is not a syrup.”
  • The honey bee fun fact was such a great little exchange.  This fun fact running joke is a good one.
  • “When it’s just you and me, it’s like it’s just me.”
  • “These trees are still standing, I don’t want to see standing trees!”
  • “A number of tall women were molested, and Mr. Ryan was one of them.”  Oh Richard…

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