Predicting The 10 Highest Grossing Films of Summer 2015

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Better late than never.

Yeah, whoops, sorry — totally hoped to have this article out like two weeks ago, back when the summer movie season was actually beginning, and it would make a little more sense to release.  My bad.

But hey, even though it’s a couple weeks later than the start of summer, that doesn’t mean I can’t predict the highest grossing films of summer 2015 anyways!  After all, only one real player has opened so far, and we all knew where it would be landing.  But as for the rest of the Top 9, that’s very much up in the air…and here’s how I think things will ultimately pan out.  Starting out with the obvious:

1. Avengers: Age of Ultron – $460 million to $490 million


Yeah, okay, this one’s a clear winner, and not just because the film has already been in theaters for two weeks and thus I have a clearer picture on how much money it’s making.  But I think this is a pretty simple assumption to make, so not like I have a significant upper hand or anything.  Shocker: Age of Ultron is making money, and was always destined to do so.

2. Minions – $360 million to $390 million


Despicable Me 2 made over $360 million a few years back, and the main attraction of this entire series is the three little minion guys.  Expect their solo debut to make a ton of money for sure.

3. Inside Out – $280 million to $300 million


Don’t doubt Pixar, and specifically don’t doubt director Pete Doctor.  His last film, Up made about $293 million a few years back and, if this one is of the same quality (which I’m hearing is the case), I would not be surprised to see Inside Out make around the same amount of money.  Pixar films do keep on opening bigger and bigger, after all.  If it can have a big opening and then big legs, Inside Out has a real shot at being a huge blockbuster.

4. Ant-Man – $260 million to $280 million


Even though I still don’t think Ant-Man will be all that great, I learned last year with Guardians of the Galaxy not to question the power of Marvel.  This movie is guaranteed to make money, but I doubt it will make Guardians money, unless it’s the quality of Guardians…which, once again, I’m very doubtful about.

5. Jurassic World – $230 million to $260 million


There’s clearly a pent-up need for a new Jurassic Park film within the public eye, which is the only reason I can see this film making this much money.  Because those trailers are not getting people all that excited it seems like, nor do they show off a particularly good film.

6. Ted 2 – $200 million to $230 million


Ted was a huge hit back in Summer 2012, and you can expect similar results for the sequel.  In fact I would expect Hangover: Part II situation here in which Ted 2 makes even more than its predecessor simply due to its cultural penetration over the years (the best kind of penetration really.)

7. Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation – $190 million to $220 million


The last Mission: Impossible film made around $210 million back in Christmas 2011, so I would expect similar results with Rogue Nation.  It could potentially make a little less than Ghost Protocol if the word of mouth isn’t as strong, but it could also make a little more if the film turns out to be great.  Either way, I wouldn’t expect much of a massive drop off in either direction, so this range makes sense.

8. Tomorrowland – $170 million to $200 million


Marketing hasn’t been super strong for Tomorrowland, but I learned long ago never to doubt the Disney hype machine.  I mean, even John Carter made $75 million domestic, and this movie has Brad Bird, George Clooney, massive brand recognition, and a strong chance of being awesome.  I think this one is going to surprise people.

9. Mad Max: Fury Road – $150 million to $180 million


Considering the massive, massive acclaim this film is getting as a film you simply need to see in theaters, I would be surprised if Mad Max didn’t crack its way into the Top 10.  I would even venture that it could go higher over time if it truly becomes the big event, buzzed about film of the summer, but I think a prediction in this range is fair considering its R-rating and craziness factor.

10. Terminator Genisys – $125 to $155 million


Number 10 was by far the hardest one to crack for me, since there’s a lot of films that could potentially slide into here (Pitch Perfect 2, Pixels, Fantastic Four, etc.), but I think I’m going to go with Terminator Genisys.  I think the film will be pretty shitty, but it has a prime Fourth of July release date with little competition in the same field, and the return of Arnold Schwarzenneger as the titular Terminator should be enough to get people somewhat interested.  And since the lowest film in the series, Terminator: Salvation made $125 million, it would spell trouble for Paramount if this one couldn’t even limp up to that that.

And there you have it, my predictions for the 10 highest grossing films of Summer 2015.  What do you think will top the box office this season?  Let us know in the comments!


  • Jared Russo

    You wish Mad Max made that much. And why didn’t we make a game out of this, we could have had more people predict and declared a winner.