The Silicon Valley/Veep Power Hour: “Server Space”/”Convention” Review

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Masturbating monkeys and enlarged prostates.

This week on Silicon Valley, the Pied Piper crew have to contend with the horrors of city zoning and business permits.  And on Veep, Selina must contend with finding a new VP after Doyle drops out.  It’s exciting times for both shows as they reach the half way point for their seasons, so let’s just jump right in.

Because, yes, I was once again late getting this review up.  Apologies for that.  But at least the episodes of each shows were pretty damn great in their own right.  As always, let’s begin with Silicon Valley, which rebounded with a really excellent episode in “Server Space,” probably my favorite of the season so far.

I think “Server Space” gets by as well as it did simply because it was more focused than the past four episodes.  That’s not a knock against the rest of the season (it’s been great so far), but a general complement to what worked so well in “Server Space,” as the guy’s are forced to contend with moving out, then moving back into Elrich’s
“incubator.”  This lead to a really funny storyline involving Elrich’s neighbor, a wheelchair clad man threatening to take down Pied Piper due to its lack of a business license.  Mike Judge is really excellent at these wacky, semi-annoying elderly characters (look at King of the Hill for proof on that), and he added a nice little dynamic of threat to the proceedings.  And it was very satisfying to see the Pied Piper crew actually win one for once. Overall, “Server Space” was a strong midpoint episode for Season 2 of Silicon Valley.


And as for Veep’s “Convention?”  Well, Jesus, it was pretty damn spectacular.  “Convention” had the bubbling energy and quote-a-second pace necessary for any strong episode of Veep, but was wrapped around a thrilling main storyline as the crew scrambled to find a new running mate for Selina after Doyle backed out at the last second.  This lead to the return of many fun guest stars (such as Randall Park’s Danny Chung) but also the debut of a brand new one, Hugh Laurie’s Tom James.  It was a reveal I really ought to have seen coming since I geeked out so much at Laurie’s casting when it was announced, but totally forgot until now he would be popping up in this season. And well it would have been easy just to have Laurie come in and be House, James surprisingly seems like the straight man in this scenario…and it’s actually working!  Hugh Laurie is capable of so many things, guys.

All in all, “Convention” is up there with some of my favorite episodes of Veep, which is something I’ve been saying all season long honestly.  People really worried about if this season could live up to the past three with such a huge change as Selina becoming the president but, so far, this might actually be my favorite season of the show.  Let’s hope that continues on going into the final half of the season.



Loose Ends:

Silicon Valley:
  • “No, you’re a grown man Richard, that’s what children do!”  Andy Daly as the doctor will never disappoint.
  • “Just think of the conferences we could have in this nook!”
  • “Just thinking about it would probably be enough to make it happen.”  Jared doing a terrible job of keeping Richard from thinking about wetting the bed was great.
  • “Owning a pot bellied pig is almost as frowned upon as being a Christian.”
  • “In that case it was a positive, because you could imagine that wedding however you want!”
  • “I can go mail it right now!”  Poor Dinesh never gets what he wants.
  • “To be honest, I could probably throw you across the front yard.”
  • Big Head’s exploits at Huli were only okay this week, but are clearly setting up the cracks in this company, and I still like the character enough to be entranced by it.
  • “I actually think it could kill somebody.”
  • “What Keiko chooses to do with the technology is not important.”
  • The monkey masterbating.
  • “I need all rodents and Jared’s out of the garage.”
  • “Well he’s not staying in mine, I sleep DICK UP!”
  • “You think maybe you sweat through your urethra?”
  • “Clench.  Unclench.  Clench.”
  • “Does it look dark to you guys?”
  • “Just yell it!”
  • “Guess what?  I’m reporting you to the city inspector!”  Great payoff to that gag.
  • “Why are you both wearing kimonos?”
  • “He speaks GERMAN IN THE NIGHT.”
  • “Was actually higher BEFORE we opened our battery plant there!”
  • “Dude, I don’t even want to now about it.”
  • “I love you Mom.”  “Ugh, oh no, darling.”
  • ”It’s clear that I’m a man, isn’t it?”
  • “I know that from a car accident – with a lawyer!”
  • “It sounds like you’ve been kidnapped by the Taliban!”
  • Gary wanted to kiss Selena so bad…poor guy.
  • “All sciences are precise.  That’s what science means.”
  • “He’s been half-ocuted.”
  • “What’s she going to do?  Pin a dick on Gary and give him the job?”
  • “She’s a woman.  SHE’S FUCKING ETHNIC!!”
  • “Except for the usual photoshop nudity.”
  • Selina’s description of Doyle is perfect: “Steve Martin’s boring older brother.”
  • “I am FURIOUS.”  She says, beaming from ear to ear.
  • “Jonah.  Oh my god, those poor interns.”
  • “Way to work that sexual abuse!”
  • “Isn’t that spooky?  Not even a bit.”
  • “Eggnog latte if it it’s in season.”  God damn I love this character.
  • “And a biscotti if you got it!”
  • “Poonslayer.”  Wink.  Ugh, Jonah.
  • “Think you must have given the go ahead for Pearl Harbor.”
  • “Don’t look desperate, men don’t like that.”
  • “Fuck off, I’m busy.”
  • “30 years as a senator, and your assholes getting more play than your face.”
  • “I wish someone would sexually assault my staff.  And by staff, I mean penis.”
  • “That goes double for fondling Jonah.”
  • “I know that it’s big.  The problem and the prostate…which is not good.”
  • “I am honored and humbled.”  “NO YOU’RE NOT.”
  • “He announced he’s leaving.”  “Does anybody want any coffee?”
  • “Update on the death row guy.  He died.”
  • “I don’t cook.  That was a joke.”
  • Lennix sad walking away needed some Charlie Brown music, I think.
  • “Shoe polish and he never even shared.”
  • “Are you going to blow up the universe now?”
  • “I guess we’re all eating pussy now!”  Fantastic rant from Selina.
  • “You can make inept work.”
  • “You can say the same of a potato.”
  • “Have you been sent from the future to destroy me?”  Amy’s breakdown is the highlight of “Convention,” if not the entire season so far.  Here’s all I could catch.
  • “You are just a blah blah blah blah bitch!”
  • “I have bitten my tongue so long, it looks like a dog’s cushion!”
  • “You have two settings, no decision and bad decisions.”
  • “You are the worst thing that has happened to this country since food in buckets!”
  • “Oops no, look at that, there’s more.”
  • “The fact that you are a woman means we will have no women presidents.”
  • “Well that was clearly about me.”
  • “What do I think of him?  I think there’s a lot to think.”  Hilariously annoying character.  Perfect Yes woman archetype.
  • “To be honest you guys, I think you’re both tremendous.”
  • “I have numbers the NSA have never even heard about!”
  • “What a great convention.  Best one in four years!”
  • “Everyone has skeletons in the closet.  Just ask any bagman.”  Gary has secrets, don’t he?
  • “My damsel in…Madam President.”
  • “Guys, look what I got!”
  • “Listen to this!”
  • “”You didn’t say that, you didn’t say that!”
  • “It is with deep regret I must work!”  The entire staff’s fascination at such a simple, dumb gag was so wonderful.  Reminded me of the accounting firm from Parks and Recreation. 
  • “Our campaign manager is…eh…Kent.”  A hell of a way to get a job.
  • “I feel like there are some people who should be here and some people who shouldn’t.”
  • “I don’t know what to think.”

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