The Silicon Valley/Veep Power Hour: “The Lady”/”Tehran” Reviews

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Cyborgs & Cupcake viruses. 

Sorry everyone for the delay on this week’s Silicon Valley/Veep reviews!  I’ve just recently moved to a new apartment so, as you could imagine, things have been pretty busy for me.  In any case, I couldn’t ignore not talking about this week’s double pairing, even if it’s a little late, simply because both episodes were pretty damn awesome.  As always though, we begin with Silicon Valley.  

Which had another really strong episode this season, no surprise.  So far Silicon Valley Season 2 has been really great; not at the level of Veep Season 4 (more on that later), but still one of the better comedies currently on television.  “The Lady” was no exception, as Pied Piper went out to hire a couple new staff members, including the titular lady.  Well cyborg didn’t quite pan out (they never do), I’m already digging the character of Carla and what she adds to the dynamic of the team.  Between Jared’s nervous, face-palm inducing pandering and Gilfoyle and Dinesh’s playful rivalry, Carla is already fitting into this ensemble like a glove.  And having another woman on this show certainly can’t cause any damage now, could it?

The other big storyline of the night focused on the triumphant return of Big Head, who’s still doing his usual mix of work/nothing over at Hooli.  But to his surprise, he’s been named the co-head of a brand new imitative called Huli XYZ, an initiative that’s so secretive it’s not quite clear exactly what they are doing (other than keeping Big Head around in a big position to use against Richard, of course.)  I like the character of Big Head a bunch, and this new position of semi-power should lead to some pretty great stuff.  Overall, there’s a lot to like and little to hate in “The Lady,” another really great episode of Silicon Valley for the year.


But Veep guys.  Freaking Veep.  Ever since the season premiere I felt the show was slowly setting back into its groove and thus wouldn’t have another amazing episode for a while, but man did “Tehran” prove me wrong.  “Tehran” was a fantastic episode of Veep from start to finish, with the quotable lines, awesome storylines, and amazing moments that any classic episode of Veep really needs.  And that’s all I’ll say about it really — it was awesome, and one of the show’s very best episodes.  See, isn’t that sweet and short to the point?  Exactly why I wanted to do this double review in the first place.  Sometimes, all the explanation you need is “I was really damn funny.”  And in the case of “Tehran,” it really was.

The episode, not the city.  There’s not much to laugh about when it comes to Tehran.


Loose Ends:

  • No Silicon Valley quotes today (my computer ate them,), but Veep had more than enough for the both of them.  Enjoy!
  • “See that shelf?  I made that.”
  • “I’m so tired, I can leap a horse.  Or whatever that horse thing is.”
  • “I’m going to a cottage with WENDY!”  Mike enjoying his TWO-DAY WEEKEND was great, and ultimately sad.
  • “Are you having fun?”
  • “Supporting all sexuality in sports.”
  • “No people skills, like a robot.”  Says the robot.
  • “T is for tucking it in, or tacking it on.”
  • “Well, as my grandfather never said, let’s be inclusive.”
  • “Perhaps it did need some reworking.”
  • “I’m shallow for that to be exciting.”
  • “Sounds like he’s learning his sex alphabet.”
  • “Everybody knows that Q means questioning.”
  • “And the freakish middle hand is punching me in the tits!”
  • “Did you just throw Kent in the blender to save your own ass?”
  • “I want to wipe that neutral expression off his face!”
  • “Give him a handjob if you want to, just get it done.”
  • “You got to hold him hostage here!”
  • “Are we at war!?”
  • “You want to be grateful or not, you ungrateful shit!”
  • “Man up or at least lady down Gary.”
  • “It’s like Black Hawk Down with Laurel and Hardy.”
  • “Of my various walking paces, I chose moderate to fast.”
  • “Guess what, I just got engaged!”
  • “Oh shit, is Catherine there too?”  “Hi Jonah!”
  • “We got nothing out of that but a funny story!”
  • “We have booze Gary, and they have crippling dependency!”
  • “I will run those by you at a less angry time.”
  • “Fine, inject him with the Happy Cupcake virus.”
  • “I feel like I’m on a life support machine and they keep unplugging it to charge their phones!”
  • “I don’t want to go to jail over here.”
  • “Why does it feel like no one is listening.”
  • “My specialty, common sense.”
  • “She just looks…very terrible.”
  • “If anyone asks for me, I’ve gone outside to scream into the night.”
  • “About earlier, the molesting.”  Line of the night.  Jonah’s reaction was just incredible.
  • “Hey look, there’s your mom!”
  • “We’re engaged.”  “Now you’re not.”
  • “I’m 48, put your hand down!”

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