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Box Office Prognosis: Age of Ultron Is The Most Disappointing Second Highest Grossing Opening Weekend of All Time

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Missed it by that much.

This weekend at the box office was an eventful one…just not THE most eventful one, as Avengers: Age of Ultron failed to break its predecessors number one opening, a landmark almost everyone predicted the film would be able to cross.  But does that make the film a disappointment?  Oh no; it’s going to make billions, it will do fine.  But in terms of openings, it’s hard to deny that Disney was probably expecting something a little bit bigger.

But when you are dealing with dollar amounts of this variety, it’s easy to see how you can ignore the failed milestone.  After all, Age of Ultron made a gigantic $187 million in its first three days, which is still a hell of an accomplishment, and does mark the SECOND highest grossing opening weekend of all time — just not the first.   And considering all the tracking before hand, that is a bit shocking.  So why did the film fail to cross the $207 million opening of the first Avengers?  Well, a few things probably contributed to that.

Firstly, there were the reviews, which weren’t nearly as glowing as they were the first time around.  That could have turned some people off from seeing it in the first weekend for sure.  Also at play was the Mayweather/Pacquiao boxing match, which reportedly made a whopping $500 million in pay per view revenue, and could have caused the dip in box office on Saturday (Friday, for what it’s worth, did perform above Avengers’ opening day.)  Finally, there was the basic factor that this was a sequel to a massive, massive event that was truly the first of its kind: to expect it to make more money the second time around was a bit unfair in hindsight.


In any case, let’s not bash this $187 million opening: it’s not record setting, but it’s still pretty damn amazing and, with Iron Man 3’s opening weekend gross right below it, it means that Marvel Studio films occupy the top three opening weekend grosses of all time.  That’s incredibly impressive for one studio, no?  And with that opening gross comes a guaranteed box office of around $400-450 million domestic, which is just terrific.  And with nearly $650 million in the bank already, expect this one to cross the billion mark in no time.

I’m literally going to go over the last four of the Top 5 with one sentence each, because they are all holdovers with very little to talk about.  In a wide, wide, wide second place was Age of Adaline, grossing an addition $6.25 million for a cume of $23.4 million in two weeks.  In third was Furious 7, which dropped 66% against Age of Ultron for an additional fifth weekend gross of $6.1 million.  In fourth was Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 with $5.5 million (a total cume of $51.6 million so far), and wrapping up the top five was once again Home with $3.3 million.  Yeah, like I said, not a lot to talk about there.


Here’s the chart:

Box Office: May 4, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron$187.6 million
The Age of Adaline$6.25 million
Furious 7$6.1 million
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2$5.5 million
Home$3.3 million
Cinderella$2.3 million
Ex Machina$2.2 million
Unfriended$1.9 million
The Longest Ride$1.7 million
Woman in Gold$1.6 million

Age of Ultron is going to have a huge second weekend (its only competition is comedy Hot Pursuit, after all), so check back next week to see how it does in its sophomore week!


  • Jared Russo

    A) High five on the Get Smart line
    B) When I read this article I got the same story three times in the ‘you can also read…’ section. It looks really weird, please fix that

  • Not the same story, actually, just the same image…Furious 7 was at the top of the box office for a LONG time, okay?