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Box Office Prognosis: Furious 7 Repeats For The Fourth (And Last) Time

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Furious 4 weeks in a row. 

This week at the box office is pretty damn similar to the last four weeks at the box office, in that Furious 7 won out, trouncing all of the competition.  But Furious 7 better enjoy the top well it lasts, because Ultron is coming, and coming fast.  Details on that and more await in this week’s Box Office Prognosis!

But first, that.  Furious 7 made $18 million in its fourth weekend of release, which was enough to lead a pretty slow box office.  This is probably the last time a below $20 million take will lead the pack for the next few months as summer unfolds but, for now, it was enough to top everyone else.  This is the first time since 2012’s The Hunger Games that a film has held the top of the box office for four weekends in a row, and Furious 7 is likely to keep that record until Star Wars: The Force Awakens stays on top for, like, three years come December. So far the seventh entry in the action adventure series has grossed $320.5 million and, though it will decrease heavily in the coming weeks, a final take of $350 million is still possible.

The rest of the box office is pretty boring, so I’m just going to go through it as quickly as I can.  In second place for the weekend is Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, which played at about $15.5 million in its second weekend of release.  That’s an impressive and surprising 35 percent decrease, one that proves that, hey, people really are dumb after all.  In third place is Age of Adaline, taking in $13.4 million in its debut.  That’s about right for a romantic drama with a high concept, and should lead to a final take of around $35 million for the film.


In fourth for the weekend was Homewhich brought in another $8.3 million to its grand cume of $153.8 million.  That’s a big milestone for a Dreamworks film, and should guaranteed a final sum of around $175 million, which would be the studios biggest original hit in ages.  Good for them, even if that film can just go disappear for all I care.

Finally we have Unfriended rounding out the Top 5, as the horror film took in another $6.24 in its second week.  That’s a fall of about 64% of the film, which is in line with most horror movie drops.  $25.2 million so far, expect a final gross near $33 million or so for this one.

Furious 7 repeats

Here’s the chart:

Box Office: April 27, 2015

Furious 7$17.8 million
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2$14.7 million
The Age of Adaline$13.2 million
Home$8 million
Unfriended$6.1 million
Ex Machina$5.3 million
The Longest Ride$4.2 million
Monkey Kingdom$3,4 million
Woman in Gold$3.3 million

Be sure to check back next week to see just how big Age of Ultron’s highest opening weekend of all time will be.  My guess?  Very big.