Michelle MacLaren Is No Longer Directing Wonder Woman

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UPDATE: Sad update to this story today, as Michelle MacLaren has left the Wonder Woman movie project, leaving WB without a director for its July 2017 film.  THR reports that MacLaren left the project due to “creative differences,” which, yikes, is never a good thing.  Warner is really going to have to hustle to find a suitable replacement for MacLaren and, let’s be honest here: unless they go crazy and get a woman like Kathryn Bigelow, they just lost the best possible director for this film.  The original article from November 2014 follows, if you want to remember a time when this was actually a thing to be excited about.

A few weeks ago we reported on a pretty substantial piece of news: just who Warner Bros. was looking at direct Wonder Woman.  The list was filled with female directors (and female directors only), and quite a few talented names.  But from the get-go one name in particular stood out to me: Kathryn Bigelow.  Yes, Warner Bros. actually thought they had a chance of nabbing the Oscar winning director of Zero Dark Thirty for their superhero movie — HILARIOUS.  But of the names that actually stood a chance of signing on for the gig, director Michelle MacLaren was clearly the most talented.

Yes the Breaking Bad/Game of Thrones director was clearly the most talented woman on that list, and the idea of her directing the first female superhero movie was incredibly exciting.  And now, the promise has become a reality, as Michelle MacLaren is officially directing 2017’s Wonder Woman.  The Hollywood Reporter broke the news, and says that not only will MacLaren be directing the film, but she’ll also have a hand in developing the story as well.  It’s early enough in the development process that she can have a direct hand in formulating the story for the pic, which is an incredibly awesome thing indeed.

Even if the list wasn’t just female centric and the film wasn’t about a female character, Michelle MacLaren would still be my choice to helm ANY superhero movie.  She’s crazy talented, and hopefully her foray into blockbuster filmmaking will launch her name in a big way.  At the very least, having her attached to Wonder Woman is a good thing, and I honestly might be looking forward to this one more than any of the other DC properties out there.  In MacLaren, I trust.

Wonder Woman is slated to hit theaters on June 23, 2017.  Are you excited to see MacLaren taking the reigns of the Gal Gadot starring superhero tale?  Let us know in the comments.


  • Jared Russo

    Edgar Wright left Ant-Man, which made that movie go from a possible A+ to possibly a B-, whereas this news makes this movie go instantly to an F without a name attached, but a release date to hit. LOL DC