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Box Office Prognosis: Insurgent Surges Up To The Top, But Diverts Slightly From Its Predecessor

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Good lord, that was a hard headline.  In any case, this week’s Box Office Prognosis is like a week late, so let’s just get to it, shall we?

The Divergent Series: Insurgenta.k.a. What A Goddamn Fucking Title topped the box office this week, taking down last week’s number one Cinderella.  The young adult adaptation sequel (that’s a gross phrase) took in about $52.3 million over the weekend, which is a decrease from the first film by about $4 million.  All things considered that ain’t too bad, and continues to stress just what makes these young adult adaptations so profitable: even if they don’t consistently build new audiences, there will always be a dedicated fanbase going to see em.  Expect Insurgent to end up around where Divergent did last year for a final sum of around $125 million.

But right behind was Disney’s Cinderella, easing down about 49% to a weekend total of $35 million.  That’s about on par with the drops for Disney’s other live action fairy tale adaptations, and makes for a total of about $122 million in just two weeks, promising a domestic total of around $175 million.  Meanwhile in third place was Liam Neeson’s Run All Nightwhich dropped around 54% from its opening gross to a weekend sum of $5.03 million.  Which yeah, is a substantial gap, but this is March we are talking about after all.


The Liam Neeson action film has made about $19.6 million, which is a far cry away from the runaway success of Taken.  At the rate it’s going, the film will just scratch the surface of $30 million and close there.  Which is at least better than fellow “old men kicking ass” film The Gunman, which bombed in fourth place with an opening of just $5 million.  That’s pretty much a death knell for this sub genre and, considering the quality in recent years, I say good riddance.

Finally rounding out the Top 5 is a great action film in what will (likely) be it’s last week in the top 5, Kingsman: The Secret Service.  But considering how it’s been a part of this list for longer than a month, I think that qualifies as a pretty damn good run.  Taking in $4.6 million, the Matthew Vaughn directed film has made about $115 million domestic, and is on its way to $300 million total worldwide.  Considering the film only cost $81 million, it’s made over 3x its budget worldwide…yeah, I smell a sequel.


Here’s the chart:

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Next week’s big release is Kevin Hart/Will Ferrell comedy Get Hard, but Dreamworks will also try to get itself some money with the release of Home.  It won’t make any but hey, at least they tried.  Anyways, see you then!