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Box Office Prognosis: So Is American Sniper Just Going To Be On Top Forever Now?

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This week at the box office, America Sniper wins!  Yes, you’ve heard that now three times in a row — January is a very exciting time at the box office, ain’t it?  Whatever the case, I’m going to try my best to get this article to 300 words.  Wish me luck!

So yeah, American Sniper.  In its third weekend of release, American Sniper took in near $32 million at the box office which, by the way, would have still been great if it was its first weekend of release.  Instead it’s the film’s third, so now it’s almost impossible to deny the juggernaut that is American Sniper.  With a grand total thus far of $248 million, American Sniper is on its way too easily passing the $300 million mark.  Will it be able to take down Mockingjay Part 1 as the highest grossing film of 2014?  Time will tell.

But you know what film won’t beat Mockingjay Part 1?  Paddington.  But just because it’s not going to be a $300 million mega-blockbuster doesn’t mean it won’t be a success.  The live-action/animated tale has grossed a very solid $50 million, and is having some of the best holds at the theater in a long time.  Only dropping 30 percent, the film brought in another $8.5 million to a total of $50 million.  Expect it to hit around $75 million domestic, adding to its already impressive near $200 million worldwide.  I would be shocked if a Paddington 2 isn’t already in the works.


In third place though was something that won’t get a sequel — Project Almanac.  The time travel found footage teen pic only took in $8 million this weekend, which is a disappointment to even the most liberal of predictions (tracking had it pegged around $15 million, for reference.)  Sure the film was cheap with a budget of $12 million, but I’m sure Paramount was still hoping for a little more from it.  A rare Michael Bay produced misfire.

Rounding out the rest of the box office was Black or White at number four, and The Boy Next Door at the number five.  The former grossed $6.4 million in its debut weekend of release which, fine, whatever, I don’t care.  The Boy Next Door, however, brought in a slightly less take of just $6 million, a drop of about 59% from its first weekend.  At this rate, the thriller will probably end its run in the $35 million – $40 million range.


Here’s the chart:

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Check back to next week’s Box Office Prognosis, in which Spongebob hopefully takes down the sniper.  We will find out then!