Comedy Bang! Bang!: “Rob Corddry Wears Tan Dress Shoes & Red Socks” Review

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If before this half-season’s guest list was revealed, I’d been asked if Rob Corddry had appeared on Comedy Bang! Bang!, I would have said yes. He seems like someone who would have made it to the couch by now. However, this was actually his first appearance on the show, and boy, was it nice to see him. While Kevin Smith was a good guest last week, his predecessors, Amber Tamblyn, Chris Hardwick, Dane Cook, and Wayne Coyne, were all amiable but generally unfunny. Corddry isn’t one to ellicit big laughs as a performer, at least not when he’s laid back as he was here. Still, Corddry was funny throughout, and there was a noticeable ease between guest and host that was often missing when Scott couldn’t rely on previous guests for laughs.

Scott wasn’t nearly as relaxed with the episode’s other guest, Jon Daly, who appeared as Bill Cosby-Bukowski, a Jello-et Laureate. Filmed long before numerous allegations against Bill Cosby resurfaced, the interview comes at an interesting and unpredictable time. Since Bill Cosby-Bukowski first appeared on the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast years ago, it was easy to watch Cosby-Bukowski reading his Jelloems and not have the humor sucked out by current news. Also, Cosby-Bukowski isn’t celebrating Bill Cosby; Cosby-Bukowski is a goofy weirdo, which, along with how funny Daly was as the character, steered the segment away from any possible controversy.

Of course, we have to mention what made “Rob Corddry Wears Tan Dress Shoes & Red Socks” a Very Special Episode. Bookie, Scott’s friend since childhood and long-time set decoration, said goodbye to be with Anna Karenina in Washington D.C. This season has allowed Comedy Bang! Bang! to play around with sitcom tropes, and the show did a good job here of mimicking goodbye episodes from different shows. And while I won’t miss Bookie, I hope his absense doesn’t mean we won’t see more herky-jerky stop-motion animation on the show.

There have been a number of episodes this season that were funnier than “Rob Corddry Wears Tan Dress Shoes & Red Socks,” but this episode was still somewhat of a relief. While the past few episodes were solid, the appearances of Kevin Smith, and especially Rob Corddry, have shown how important it is that the guest is funny. There are certain episodes, like the Sliding Doors homage with Andy Dick from last season, where the quality of the guest didn’t really matter. But since season three has seen an increased focus on interviews, a lackluster guest can effect at least a third of an episode. With Eric Andre and The Lonely Island scheduled for the last two episodes of season three, that shouldn’t be a problem Comedy Bang! Bang! will face again this year.