Comedy Bang! Bang!: “Kevin Smith Wears a Hockey Jersey & Jean Shorts” Review

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Comedy Bang! Bang!’s Thanksgiving episode was last week, but the celebrating didn’t stop there. “Kevin Smith Wears a Hockey Jersey & Jean Shorts” found Scott turning twenty-eight, and his birthday episode was a huge improvement over the past few episodes.

By his own admission, Kevin Smith isn’t much of a filmmaker, though his recent works have taken him down an interesting new path. If there’s one thing Smith is great at, it’s talking. Smith is a guy that could babble for hours, but unlike most people that fit that description, he tends to be compelling when he does it. This is evidenced by his numerous entertaining specials where he doesn’t do stand-up, and instead talks about whatever comes to his head. He’s also an amicable guy, meaning he was a perfect guest for Comedy Bang! Bang!. Even though Smith’s interview wasn’t hilarious, it was a fun watch. While I didn’t laugh at his multiple boner references, he was quick with a few good jokes and never overtook the conversation. He also showed enthusiasm to be on the show that if fake, was convincing, and if real, was charming.

Lauren Lapkus quickly became a fan favorite guest on the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast last year and has done many hilarious appearances there, so it isn’t a surprise to see her jumping over to the TV show. However, it’s a little surprising to see her doing a new character, Whitney Peeps, since she’s done numerous characters on the podcast. I’m not complaining, of course, and I would rather see a new character on the TV show than a podcast character. Peeps had traces of previous Lapkus characters but was also a strong, original creation, and it’s a testament to Lapkus’ abilities that this felt like a honed character. In a season that hasn’t hurt for good characters, original and established, Lapkus sits near the top after her hilarious few minutes on the couch.

Because the interviews were long and fairly detailed, “Kevin Smith Wears a Hockey Jersey & Jean Shorts” had little else. Reggie spent the episode trying to book Stevie Wonder for Scott’s birthday, and while I didn’t think Smith showing Scott the different identical-looking animals was funny, that segment was worthwhile for setting up the end performance. The donkey dancing to music while wearing braids and sunglasses was one of the better visual bits of comedy that Comedy Bang! Bang! has pulled off in a while (and also one of the stupider things to happen on the show). This was a tremendously silly episode from start to finish, and unlike past silly episodes there was nothing dark under the candy-coated surface. “Kevin Smith Wears a Hockey Jersey & Jean Shorts” was simply a fun, goofy episode, and one of the season’s best.