Klaus Coming to PS4 and Vita in 2015

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The PlayStation platforms are no strangers to odd, offbeat titles. Thomas Was AloneJourneyThe Unfinished Swan, and Luftrausers all excel on Sony’s machines. The company has always shown a certain affection toward fun and innovative experiences, and the puzzle platformer Klaus looks to be another example of Sony accepting a slightly different title with graciously open arms.

The PlayStation blog shares a bit of info on the game’s plot:

“Klaus wakes up in a mechanical prison with complete amnesia: he doesn’t remember who he is or how he got there. His only clue is the word KLAUS tattooed on his arm. This mystery will develop through the narrative, as Klaus meets other characters (both friendly and hostile) and discovers clues littered throughout the environment. Through exploration, the player will piece together his past and the realities of the enigmatic world he finds himself stuck in.”

For your first look at Klaus, check out the trailer below.

Interestingly, the game allows players to control both Klaus and K1, a friendly brute damaged by years of imprisonment, who Klaus meets along his way. Additionally, players can actually control the environment. Klaus looks to chart new territory in classic platforming tropes. The ability to manipulate the environment present many ways to complete different scenarios, and Klaus also breaks the fourth wall on occasion:

“Another key aspect of the gameplay is when Klaus becomes aware of the player, and breaks the fourth wall by doing the opposite of the actions of the player, putting most faith in his own free will.”

As an avid fan of oddball platformers, I’m pumped for Klaus. it seems like a perfect candidate for a PlayStation Plus perk, and I’d be willing to bet it’ll lauch as a free game for subscribers. Either way, I’ll be picking it up when it launches in 2015! Will you? Let us know in the comments.