How To Train Your Dragon 3 Delayed A Year, Cause Y’all Suck

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It’s been a very active summer as far as film goes, and though I don’t want to spoiler too much in terms of our best of the summer picks (that article will be hitting tomorrow), I can assure you that How To Train Your Dragon 2 will get at least some kind of shout out in the wrap-up.  It was simply a great followup to the last film, and a really good template for what a strong sequel should be.  One of the best films of Summer 2014 for sure but, oddly enough, it’s also one of the most puzzling.  I expected audiences to go crazy over this one, and I even assumed that it would end up being one of the top grossing films of the summer.  But for reasons I can’t explain at all, that didn’t happen.

Not that How To Train Your Dragon 2 was a bomb or anything — it made a respectable $174 million, and a substantial $600 million worldwide.  But that’s still lower than what the first one made, which is the exact opposite of what Dreamworks Animation needs after a bunch of disappointing features.  And I’m sure that, like me and many other film fans out there, Dreamworks Animation probably predicted this was going to be a big hit for them.  At most, its performance can just be described as “okay.”  And Dreamworks Animation clearly needed more than just okay.

For that reason alone, I’ve been preparing to write this article for months now.  How To Train Your Dragon 3 has been delayed a year into the Summer of 2017, as reported by Dreamworks Animation themselves in a recent press release.  Here’s the important part of the press release detailing the new date:

On the heels of the success of their latest epic adventure, Hiccup and Toothless have plans to soar across the big screen once again with the announcement of the third chapter in DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon series shifting to a June 9, 2017 release date.  From the same creative team as the first two films, writer/director Dean DeBlois and producer Bonnie Arnold, How to Train Your Dragon 3 continues the story where the sequel leaves off (sorry folks, no spoilers here).  Returning cast includes Jay Baruchel as Hiccup, America Ferrera as Astrid and Cate Blanchett as Valka.


The original release date in question was June 17, 2016, which was also the date of placement for Pixar’s Finding Dory.  So yeah, I guess a good amount of the reasoning for the move could be because Dreamworks didn’t want to open against that sequel, an understandable sentiment.  But half of me feels like IF How To Train Your Dragon 2 was a bigger success, Dreamworks might have been more confident to open in 2016.  And it’s not that I particularly needed it to go against Finding Dory either; I’m totally fine with the film having its own release date, and I’m even willing to wait until 2017 to get it.  But damn it, you people should have seen How To Train Your Dragon 2, and my rage about that will taint everything about anything that could happen with the sequel!  This is your fault, really.  You can only blame yourself.


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