CRISIS ALERT! Edgar Wright is No Longer Directing Ant-Man

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Very rarely will news come along that literally makes my jaw drop.  Yeah, sometimes my heart will skip a beat or a smile will grow on my face, but a full on dropping of the jaw?  It’s a rare thing and, quite often, a horrible one.  But alas, today my jaw did indeed drop, and for all the wrong reasons — after years of development and little more than a year to go until release, Edgar Wright has dropped out of directing duties for Marvel’s Ant-Man.  What does this mean for the first Phase 3 Marvel film?  Not good things, that’s for sure.  Not good things at all.  Check out the news in full right after the break.

Variety was the outlet that broke the distressing news, saying that Marvel and the Shaun of the Dead director parted ways “due to differences in their vision of the film.”  That is the worst kind of parting ways, because it clearly indicates a problem with the studio (in this case, Marvel) agreeing with the vision of the director — and when it’s a director as great as Edgar Wright, that can’t be a good thing.

The more interesting question in my mind though is what this means for the film overall — this has been Wright’s baby for years now and, alongside Joe Cornish, he was the one to pen the script.  If there’s creative differences involved here, wouldn’t that steam to his script too?  If so, the film is going to need to get a re-write as well, which is even worse news.  And if Marvel is dead set on having the film out by next July, we could get an incredibly rushed and lame product out of what could have been excellent.


Variety says that Marvel already made their choice on who to replace Wright, but are currently waiting for the right time to announce it.  Either way, this is heartbreaking news.  Wright has been working on this thing since 2006, and for all that to fall apart mere weeks before shooting was to begin is such a sad story.  With luck, Wright will find a new project suitable of his talent.