Rick and Morty Season 1, Episode 10 Review: “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind”

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Even though it’s only been three episodes, it feels like forever since we’ve had a proper Rick and Morty storyline.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s great—I’m glad that Rick and Morty isn’t the type of show that will cost on its two main characters, and is willing to branch out with other interesting pairings (such as last week’s episode with the Rick/Summer story and Jerry/Morty b-plot), but, I mean, the show is still called Rick and Morty: they are the most dependable of character pairings and, with the episode breaks and what not, it has been quite a while since we’ve seen the two in a full plot together.

I mean yes, technically the pair shared a storyline in “Rixty Minutes” but, honestly, since it was just them sitting on a coach and having a back and forth about the weird TV they were watching, I don’t really count it.  No, the last actual Rick/Morty storyline in my mind was back in Episode 6, “Love Potion #9,” an episode that aired so long ago that I wasn’t even reviewing the show at the time.  So because I wasn’t around to talk about it, let me briefly share my impressions on that episode.  Trust me, it will wrap around to talk of this week’s episode eventually!

But, as for “Love Potion #9,” it’s easily my favorite episode that Rick and Morty has ever done.  Just the pure craziness of the episode was something to behold, and the way the plot spirals just completely out of control to the point that the show (and its characters) say “Fuck it, new dimension” is all kinds of amazing.  Due to how much I loved that episode, I decided to start reviewing the show for Geek Binge, hoping that “Love Potion #9” wouldn’t be the last we’ve seen of crazy brilliant Rick and Morty.  And as “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind” proves, that is indeed the case.


Because, once again, “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind” is this show just firing on all of its cylinders.  From the amazingly shocking and brief cold open this episode just kicked things into high gear, as Rick and Morty were brought into the high government of all dimensions by other Rick and Mortys to stand trial for the death of over two dozen alternate dimension Ricks.  That plot confuse you?  Then you’re in trouble, because that’s just the tip of the iceberg for where this episode ultimately goes.  You have the reveal that Rick keeps Morty around as a brainwave “shield” from other dimension Ricks (Morty’s umm…”Morty” waves are so strong they conceal Rick’s genius ones), and the idea that all the Ricks of the world EXCEPT for ours joined a hive mind government to fight back against the hive mind governments of THEIR world (as Rick points out, that doesn’t make a lot of sense).  And even the mere sight of seeing hundreds of Ricks and Mortys walking around is just something you would NEVER expect to see out of any other TV show.

But for Rick and Morty, it fits in just fine.  Ultimately I don’t think this episode quite reaches the heights of “Love Potion #9” just because it isn’t as funny (although, for what it’s worth, it’s still REALLY freaking funny), but that shouldn’t come as much of a detractor from the overall excellence of this episode.  It’s all mythology building working off of concepts we’ve seen before (such as the idea of alternate dimensions in the first place that was introduced in the pilot), but I think it’s absolutely commendable that this show already has such a wonderful grasp on its mythology and how its weird and bizarre universe works with not even a full season in the can.  And when they can do that in an episode that’s also hilarious and touching, it’s icing on the freaking cake for what was one of Rick and Morty’s best half-hours.

Rick and Morty Season 1, Episode 10 Review

Loose Ends:

  • Which yeah, by the way, I forgot to mention: the emotional hook of the episode (Morty believing himself just to be an object for Rick, and not an actual person he cares about) was very well done.  Sometimes the emotional stuff on this show can feel a little generic (like in “Rixty Minutes”), but I think it was spectacularly done here.
  • With most of the episode giving attention to Rick and Morty, the rest of the family got the shaft a bit this week.  Though I did enjoy Jerry’s subplot with the Doofus Rick.
  • I don’t even know if Summer got a single line in this episode but, whatever, she’s been pulling heavy duty for the last three eps…she can take a break if she wants.  There was more than enough other good stuff here to make up for her absence.
  •  “If I know these A-holes…and I AM these A-holes.”
  • “Our sons been abducted!”  “You hate me for buying those coins!!”
  • “Fuck me, pal.”  “Fuck you?  No, fuck me.”  All those Rick puns and self-jokes like this were so easy, but this show knows how to make simple gags hilarious.
  • “As they say in Canada, PEACE OOOUUUT.”
  • Our dimension (or adopted dimension…the technical prime dimension is all Cronenberged right now) is C137…good to know.
  •  “Welcome to Greasy Grandma World!”
  • “I’d like to order one large phone with extra phones please.”  Oh my god, the phone-chair-pizza-human gag.  Amazing.
  • “I came up with a concept for this once.”
  • “You can accomplish the same results with five Morty’s and a jumper cable.”
  • “The fact you feel that way makes you the best Rick of them all.”
  • Oh god, the visual of all the Morty’s attached to the Death Star like fortress and screaming in pain…chilling.
  • Evil Rick invented the slow clap in his dimension.  “Hey, that’s mine!”
  • “Don’t be Rick-dicoulous, Morty.”
  • “It looks like payday at Never land Ranch in here…zip!”
  • “We’re not so different, you and I.”  “Yeah, DUH.”
  • “I’m more than just a hammer!”
  • “I’m just allergic to dipshits.”
  • “You’re lucky I’m not a Rick.”  “Point taken, but this is no time for arcs.”
  • “I found the real killer BIIIIIIIIIITCH, get over here!”
  • “Poor little Rickless basterds.”
  • “Don’t break an arm jerking yourself off.”
  • “You make us ashamed to be yourself.”
  • The episode ended with the pretty interesting reveal that it was Eyepatch Morty who actually orchestrated this whole affair, and was controlling a robot evil Rick the whole time.  Do I sense a big-bad for the show?  Man, I hope so.  The more mythology here, the better in my mind.
  • Felix

    The “idea of alternate dimensions” was not introduced in “Love Potion # 9”; it was introduced in the pilot.

  • Upon further reflection, I realize you are correct. Thanks for the edit!

  • metaxzero

    That wasn’t a robot Rick. It was a Rick being mind controlled. The Rick medics refer to him as just another Rick instead of a Rick robot. He’s also in a pool of his own blood and you can still see his brain wrapped up in wires.

    Though there IS a robot Rick and Morty that is part of the Citadel

  • Felix Cheyne

    Sure. Great show. What’s with the audio for the Cronenberg episode? -They severely undershot some levels, like the shotgun sound in Jerry’s bada$$ zombie-apocalypse-style scene. -You can hear them being cocked, but the “bang” sample is almost inaudible, as well as many other instances… maybe they can fix it before releasing a DVD?