Ripper Street, Season 2 Episode 7 Review: “Our Betrayal, Part 1”

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This week begins a 2-part Season Finale of Ripper Street.  “Our Betrayal, Part 1” lived up to its name in many ways.  We watched helplessly as Drake dealt with…everything he’s had going on.  Rose redeemed herself, Jackson received an unexpected visitor, and we learned a little more about our good friend, Constable Flight.  Jewelry was heisted, relationships went awry (or more awry, depending), and Long Susan was forced between a rock and a hard, ugly place.  Inspector Reid, as you might expect, got depressed.  He does that.  Spoilers after the jump.

“Our Betrayal, Part 1” opens with a giant hole in the ground, and the guy who played hapless assistant Gale Boetticher on Breaking Bad dressed like an old-timey cowboy.  Diamonds are being mined, and we see the cowboy swallow one.  This is one of those ugly mines where they chop hands off to keep the slave-workers in line.  A few weeks later, and after a painful looking movement, the cowboy shows up at Long Susan’s.  Turns out, he’s Captain Jackson’s brother.  A brother who calls Jackson “Twinkle.”  Would you believe they didn’t explain that nickname in the entire episode?  Luckily, next week is Part 2.

RipS 2.7 Reid Flight

Bennet Drake turned in his badge and left H-Division weeks ago; and no one has seen him since.  Reid goes to his home and finds the place trashed.  Concerned, he takes Drake’s wedding photo and gives it to Rose, who is also ardently seeking Bennet.  Rose has fully redeemed herself this week in her devotion to her friend.  She also realizes that rebuffing Drake was a serious error on her part.  Duh.  When Reid returns to his own home, its condition is not much better than Drake’s.  Chief Inspector Abberline is waiting for the Reid, (watch for the amazing line “You’re here for why?”) and kindly asks him to pull his head out of his “arse” and get back to work.  D’oh!

Jackson believed his brother to be dead, so he’s irritated to see him in his town without apologies.  Judge is hiding something.  We don’t doubt that Captain Jackson will find out what it is.  Back at H-Division, Reid is pleasantly surprised to find that no one has been murdered lately.  There was a theft though, from a man named Hinchcliffe.  Somebody ordered a bunch of fancy jewelry, picked it up, and then never paid.  The jeweler is utterly screwed by the rip-off, and he’s got a wife and kids to feed.  Reid tries to impress on Flight that even these little complaints are important.  Flight agrees that all of it matters.  All of it.  Seems a good man, that Flight.

RipS 2.7 Judge Bros

Reid’s visit to Cobden’s office reveals that he hasn’t been to see her since confessing his feelings…over a month ago.  That’s messed up.  Granted, Edmund has had his hands full—but nearly five weeks?  Does he not understand that neglect was a major factor in the dissolution of his marriage?  Cobden, it turns out, is a cool chick and a great public servant.  We later see her in the poor part of town, impressing on journalists the importance of modernizing housing there.  Sanitary conditions would literally save lives.  As Cobden’s speech ends, Fred Best can’t help but notice that Reid and Cobden seem awfully chummy.

Constable Flight continues his search for the jewelry thief, pursuing a candidate downtown.  He’s about to make the arrest, when Werner, the suspect, dashes away and out of H-Division’s jurisdiction.  Werner mocks Flight, explaining that he’s under the protection of Inspector Shine—who we’ll recall is a multiple murderer and a damn liar.  Flight approaches Shine, who calls Flight “my cuckoo in another man’s nest.”  Why?  Bad news.  Flight has been Shine’s plant all along.  He’s at H-Division so he can inform Shine if Reid starts snooping around Shine’s many crimes.  Flight’s credentials may not even be real.  That’s how we know Flight isn’t really Hobbs’ replacement.  Hobbs would never betray Inspector Reid.

Long Susan’s money problems are still unresolved.  She’s forced to tell Duggan that she can’t pay him.  Duggan reminds her that she has only to sleep with him and she’ll be free.  He’s clearly looking to shame Susan, defeat her. Susan goes to see Rose, who turns out to be a terrible singer.  Susan wants to know if sex for money has changed Rose, how she felt the first time she sold herself, if it made a difference when she was with a man she actually loved.  Our hearts break just a little when Rose confesses that she’s never actually been with a man she loved.  We want her and Drake to be together more than ever.  But that’s not how it works on Ripper Street.

RipS 2.7 Susan Jackson

The photo helps in Rose’s search for Bennet.  At first, it seems like he’s bare-knuckle boxing his anger away.  But it’s much worse.  The “show” is Drake with his hands tied behind his back, taking as many punches as he can while onlookers place bets.  It’s awful.  Rose waits to talk to Bennet, but he’s having none of it.  Wallowing in his misery is not unexpected, but it’s still difficult to watch.  Meanwhile, Arthurton attempts to train a replacement fighter for H-Division’s competition.  He ain’t so good.  Not a big deal, since Shine always wins anyway.

Jackson discovers his brother’s thirty-five carat diamond, and the two try to figure out how to best sell it without the House of DeGraal guys finding out.  Jackson gets a lead on Werner knowing that the money can fix Susan’s problems with Duggan.  Judge goes to Finkel’s in Hatton Garden to inquire after Werner.  He gets nowhere, and the whole thing seems shady and dangerous.  After Judge leaves, Finkel and Werner agree to report Judge to the House of DeGraal.  That’s when Hinchcliffe sees that Finkel is selling the jewelry that was stolen from him!  Hinchcliffe races to Flight, who takes his sweet time responding.  Before they go to Finkel’s, Flight sends a telegraph.  To whom?  We soon find out…

RipS 2.7 Shine Flight

Flight and Hinchcliffe enter Finkel’s premises, and Hinchcliffe points out the stolen goods.  That’s when Inspector Shine comes out of nowhere and strangles Hinchcliffe to death.  I really don’t think Flight saw that coming, because it actually makes him cry.  Poor Hinchcliffe!  Shine explains that Werner will now be the patsy.  Flight takes Werner back to H-Division, all of them thinking Werner won’t be beaten because Drake (the main beater) is gone.  They’re wrong, and Reid throws a solid punch on the guy.  We’re reminded that the idea of cops not whaling on citizens regularly is a fairly new and modern concept.

Rose approaches Bennet while he’s digging a mass grave—his other job.  She’s determined that Drake should know that he’s a good man, a moral man, not the cursed death-bringer he thinks he is.  Rose does love Bennet, and she as much as tells him so.  She wants him to believe that he’s still a good man.  An accident leads to one of the pine boxes falling open–revealing the dead body of a clearly murdered Hinchcliffe.  Gah!  Across town, Judge has been captured by the House of DeGraal guys.  He’s in for a beat down.  But Jackson has the diamond, so they don’t get it.

Long Susan attends a fancy dinner arranged by Duggan, who thinks he’s being a nice guy.  Her house and her life are no longer her own.  All she has to do to get it back is sleep with Duggan.  Ew.  He even insults her for being a Madame but not a whore.  If she doesn’t give in, he’s taking over her house and plans to treat the girls worse than ever, allowing awful men inside and basically making all of them miserable.  Cripes, why doesn’t she just kill him?  Back at H-Division, Werner gives them nothing, and Reid sends Flight to pick up Hinchcliffe to get his statement.  Now the lack of murders worries Reid more than it pleases him.  Reid knows something is up, but he can’t put it all together.  He needs Drake.

RipS 2.7 Rose Drake

Jackson implores Susan to meet him so he can share his plans.  She does, but she’s not having any more of his schemes, his lies, his professions of love.  It’s tragic.  They both gave up everything to be with each other, but now they don’t even have that.  Reid fares a little better across town when he pays a late visit to Miss Cobden.  They engage in some straight-talk, and then in some giggity.  It should have been a magical moment, but we can’t help but cringe when we learn that Fred Best was just outside, listening in.

As “Our Betrayal, Part 1” comes to a close, Susan presents herself to the disgusting Silas Duggan.  Appropriately, she’s wearing black.  Jackson hides the diamond in the arsenic at H-Division, telling only his brother where it is. We then see Drake arrive at H-Division, carrying Hinchcliffe’s body.  I really want vengeance for Hinchcliffe, and for his family to receive what was stolen from him.  I want Drake to stop hating himself, Jackson and Susan back together, and for Flight to somehow redeem himself.  I want Reid to learn to be a better partner, and for Arthurton to learn some tolerance.  We can only hope—since next week is the Season Two finale, “Our Betrayal, Part 2.”  Do I even have to say that this was a fantastic, incredible, shocking, and disturbing episode?  It was!

See you’s next week!


  • Lea Peralta

    In regards to the nickname Twinkle, its explained after the brothers have a scuffle in Reeds home. Sitting at Reeds table Daniel reveals that he calls Jackson Twinkle “on a count of his cheerful disposition”