Geek Binge’s 2013 Best In Gaming Awards: Day 1 Winners

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[box type=”warning” ]Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our first ever end of the year awards for video games! The Tortellini Awards are given out to specific games and events that rocked our collective worlds this year, and 2013 was a particularly great year for video games. We attempt to highlight as many of them as we can, and our zany opinions on the year’s best will also be released in podcast form soon, so you can listen to how we came to the consensus choices. We will showcase a few awards each and every day throughout the week, culminating in our Game of the Year award, which you can have a say in![/box]

All people, deep down, inherently know some simple truths: we will all die one day, there is no justice to the universe, the things we love will not last forever, and only we can bring meaning to our insignificant lives. That’s why we watch sports, and see movies, and shove electronic consumer items in our faces during the holidays; to distract us from collapsing into existential wrecks. And one of the things we do while waiting for the passage of time to slowly kill us is play video games, so why not talk about the best of them for this year? Click bait? Perhaps. Following the trends of other websites because we aren’t original and have no energy left for original ideas? Sure. But is it fun? Why not. Time is relative, so let’s just group the games that came out in an arbitrary calendar year together for the sake of nothing, pitting indie versus blockbuster versus timed beta versus early access alpha games. This should be fun.

Geek Binge Presents The 2013 Tortellini Awards For Excellence in Video Games That We Played This Year


The Kreygasm Award For Moment of the Year

And the nominees are:

– The giraffe moment in The Last of Us

– The opening of The Last of Us

– God Only Knows in Bioshock Infinite

– The light bulb going off in Gone Home

– Tearing loved ones away in Papers Please

And the winner is…

The opening to The Last of Us

While many of the staff here at Geek Binge have not actually played Naughty Dog’s latest masterpiece, we still cannot deny that the opening to this game is spectacular.

Best Expansion Pack / DLC

And the nominees are:

– Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep for Borderlands 2

– XCOM: Enemy Within for XCOM: Enemy Unknown

– Brave New World for Civilization V

– Burial at Sea from Bioshock Infinite

And the winner is…

Brave New World from Civilization V

Our resident PC expert Dan not only pushed for this award to be given out, but also championed Civ 5 in general.

Best Use of Drugs In A Game

And the nominees are:

– Trevor’s clown induced weed mission from GTA V

– Glamour in The Wolf Among Us

– Michael’s spiked drink and subsequent acid trip in GTA V

– Mario taking mushrooms in Super Mario 3D World

And the winner is…

Trevor’s clown induced weed mission from GTA V

By far one of the best moments in GTA V, whatever was in that weed sure made for one awesome mission. Clown vans and Pee Wee music FTW. Unless you don’t like clowns.

Best Hidden Soundtrack You Might Have Missed

And the nominees are:

Gone Home’s punk rock mix-tapes lying around everywhere

Bioshock Infinite’s retro remixed tunes laid throughout the campaign

– The unlockable music levels from Rayman Legends

And the winner is…

Bioshock Infinite’s hidden soundtrack

What a ridiculously cool idea, to retroactively de-make pop songs from the future. The actual game has an excellent score, but the hidden songs (that many of us missed the first go around) not only ties into the story, and the world, and the ambiance, but work by themselves. Astounding work here all around.

The FailFish Face Palm Moment of the Year

And the nominees are:

– Xbox One PR disaster and then reversal

– YouTube copyright screw-up

– Online bullying / sexism / racism debacles (name one, there are tons)

And the winner is…

Microsoft’s Xbox One Divisions for PR and Marketing

The Xbox One had a rough year, and that’s putting it lightly. And briefly. No one will soon forget the mishandling and epic fuck up that Microsoft did, but at least they fixed things for now.

And those are our winners for Day 1.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for the Day 2 Winners!