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Box Office Prognosis: Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.

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Hollywood had a lot to be thankful for this year, as the combine efforts of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Disney’s newest venture, Frozenhelped push the box office to new heights.  Yet it wasn’t all peace and happiness for the box office, as a good portion of the week’s non-Frozen entries failed…and in some case, failed hard. Info on that and much much more awaits this week on the Box Office Prognosis. Let’s dive on in, shall we?

No one should be surprised to hear about the continued success of this week’s victor—Catching Fire opened gigantic last weekend, and its box office success was of course going to continue as the year comes to a close.  Raking in another $74.5 million, the high profile sequel has now taken in a whopping $296.5 million in the states alone.  It also made a MASSIVE $110.1 million in the five day Thanksgiving frame, in large part contributing to the aforementioned best Thanksgiving holiday ever at the box office.

But The Hunger Games didn’t hold the box office completely on its shoulders this weekend—it had a lot of help from Disney’s Frozen.  In its debut weekend, the animated musical grossed $66.7 million, already making it Disney Animation’s biggest film in quite some time.  Even box office hit Tangled only made $48 million in its first weekend of release.  And with an overall sum of $93 million for the five day frame AND a rare A+ CinemaScore sure to keep word of mouth high for the next few weeks, Frozen is already smash for Disney…something I can’t complain about, considering how much I loved the finished product.


In third was Thor: The Dark Worldcontinuing its stateside domination despite big competition from the aforementioned films.  Sure the gap between Thor and the last two films is pretty substantial, but $11.1 million after a month of release is still fine for the film.  And with a grand total of $186 million, Thor 2 has already surpassed the original Thor and Captain America: The Winter Soldier at the domestic box office—and worldwide is another story, as it continues to rake up money like crazy.  Rounding out the box office for the weekend is The Best Man Holiday at number four with a gross of $8.5 million, adding to its overall cume of $63.4 million.  And at number 5 was Homefront, the new Jason Statham/James Franco action thriller scripted by Sylvester Stallone.  Wait, people WEREN’T totally into that combination?   I for one am surprised.

But let’s talk the bigger bombs for a second—namely Black Nativity and Oldboy.  Black Nativity opened to a horrible $3.6 million for the weekend, barely cracking into the Top 10 despite a wide opening of over 1500 theaters.  Despite trying to court the African-American audience that so devoured Best Man Holiday a few weeks back, it seemed Black Nativity didn’t have its pulse on its community as it thought it did.  And Oldboy?  Lol, Oldboy.  Sure it only opened in 550 theaters, but it took in only $800,000,000 despite its $30 million budget.  Clearly remaking this one was a gamble that did not pay off, huh?


Anyways, here’s the chart:

1. Catching Fire—$74,500,000
2. Frozen—$66,713,000
3. Thor: The Dark World—$11,108,000
4. The Best Man Holiday—$8,491,000
5. Homefront—$6,970,000
6. Delivery Man—$6,931,000
7. The Book Thief—$4,850,000
8. Black Nativity—$3,880,000
9. Philomena—$3,789,000 
10. Last Vegas—$2,785,000

I only predicted the rankings this week not wanting to deal with the weird Holiday gross tracking…but I was still horribly wrong with my assertion that Black Nativity would do well enough for a #3 gross.  One day I get this right…one day.

And that does it for this week’s Prognosis!  Check back next week if you want to see Hunger Games win again.  Expect that until Hobbit, guys.