Comedy Bang! Bang! Season 2, Episode 17 Review: “Clark Gregg Wears a Navy Blazer & White Collared Shirt”

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After this episode, Comedy Bang! Bang! has roughly one-hour (with commercials taken out) of material left in season two. Since it’s a show that juggles multiple sketches, interviews, and musical numbers each episode, and is a show that does all of that while not knowing if it would be returning for another season, Comedy Bang! Bang! spent “Clark Gregg Wears a Navy Blazer & White Collared Shirt” (and I assume the next three episodes)¬†cramming in every last idea it has. And while that doesn’t make for the most cohesive or impressive episode, it certainly made for a funny one.

There have been quite a few times recently where I’ve found myself saying or writing that I’ve always loved Clark Gregg. That is incorrect, though, because I only became aware of Gregg through Iron Man and the subsequent Marvel films. But Clark Gregg has popped up in a lot of films and shows before and after his Marvel work, and now that I’m familiar with him, I’m always glad to see him in something. I was surprised to see him as this episode’s main guest, especially after this season has headlined people like Sarah Silverman and Pee-Wee Herman (then again, last week’s guest was Andy Dick), but I’m nonetheless happy that he both appeared on Comedy Bang! Bang!, and was terrific on it. The show’s first half, which mostly focuses on him giddily showcasing minor Marvel props and acting nice, is the best part of the episode, and I think it’s largely due to how different his laid-back, genuine demeanor is compared to most of this season’s guests.


That isn’t to say the rest of the episode wasn’t solid, because it largely was. Reggie had a big presence in the front half of season two, but he hadn’t appeared as much since the mid-season premiere, so it was nice to see him get his own segment. I liked the punchline that Reggie wasn’t actually dating the girl he was running to, but I wish it had ended there instead of continuing with him returning to CBB studios. His segment felt like a first draft of something far better, and that’s something I felt for most of the episode’s second half. I don’t know whether the rush to cram in final jokes is to blame, or it was simply due to the writing. Regardless, neither Reggie’s segment, nor Neil Campbell’s appearance as attorney Cody Gossman had the polish I’ve come to expect from Comedy Bang! Bang!

Still, Comedy Bang! Bang! works even without the polish, so there was never a point where I wasn’t enjoying or laughing at this episode. The musical number with Neil Campbell and The Book of Mormon’s Andrew Rannells was well done (this the third episode of the season with one); and I will never turn down an appearance by Harris Wittels. There was a lot to like in “Clark Gregg Wears a Navy Blazer & White Collared Shirt,” I only wish there was more to love.