Mission: Impossible 5 Truly Takes On The Impossible Mission — Opening One Weekend After Star Wars: Episode VII


What a crazy few weeks of release date scheduling this has been. Between Star Wars: Episode VII, Fantastic Four, and many others, it seems every studio in the business has been busy trying to figure out its game plan for…well, two years in the future. Hollywood works fast. Anyways, Paramount has decided its needs to release something in 2015 to compete with EVERY OTHER FUCKING FRANCHISE ON THE PLANET, and will be doing so with Mission: Impossible 5. But when Paramount means war, they really mean war—and they’ll go right up against the big dogs to prove their worth. Mission: Impossible 5 will be opening up on Christmas Day 2015. But even more tantalizing, it will be opening up only one week after the sure fire monolith that will be Star Wars: Episode VII. Yup, Paramount has officially found the fastest way to kill a franchise.

Courtesy of The Wrap, Paramount has decided that a December 25, 2015 release date would be best for the next entry in their super successful, incredibly long running Mission: Impossible franchise. A week ago, that would have been totally fine news. But now that Star Wars: Episode VII is opening just a week before on December 18, 2015, it marks an odd kind of challenge from Paramount. Why would they possibly want to go up against Star Wars? What could possibly come from it other than lower box office? I don’t know, but Paramount apparently has some confidence in the date. I, on the other hand, am not so sure. Between this and the other big budget film opening on the 18th, Duncan Jones’ Warcraft, I can’t help but feel one of these films will soon be losing a release date.

Either way, we should out in either is moving soon enough. In the meantime, we do have a potentially great film to look forward to in Mission: Impossible 5. The last film was by far the best of the series, and hopefully the trend will continue with Ethan Hunt’s next tale. Right now only Cruise is officially signed on, but hopefully some of his fellow agents (Simon Pegg, Paula Patton, Ving Rhames, and Jeremy Renner) will accept to join him on his mission. The film will be directed by Jack Reacher-helmer Christopher McQuarrie (who has done uncredited work on past MI films), and scripted by Drew Pearce (co-writer of Iron Man 3). And once again, it’ll open just a week after the next Star Wars film.

Goddamn it, 2015.


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