Guy Unknowingly Has His Xbox One Shipped Early; Microsoft Bans It

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Fate can be a cruel mistress as YouTube user MoonlightSwami can surely attest. Having pre-ordered his Xbox One from Target, it arrived  last night some two weeks before the official launch in what seems to have been a shipping error on the part of the retailer.

Here’s the tweet he sent out the night he got it:

While he is not the only one to have received the Xbox One  early, instead of selling it on eBay for massively inflated prices as others have, he did the honorable thing and took to Twitter t o share his findings with the world. The lucky chap posted a video of himself unboxing the console and showing off the various peripherals, but Microsoft  was quick to throw the book at him and  have already succeeded in removing  it.

In his short time with the One, Swami has spilled an  enormous number of beans, including pictures of the console and its interface. One of his images shows numbers online, indicating that he was far from alone reveling in pre-release Xboxing.  His impressions have been overwhelmingly positive and he has likely done Microsoft’s marketing a bigger favor than they realize.  It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that he has since had his Xbox Live account banned, and is now unable to access any online content.

It is a cynical but ultimately business savvy move by the console developers; while Swami has so far used his powers for good, a single bad review from him at this stage could easily result in many cancelled pre-orders and sales. With this in mind , it is likely that Microsoft have been under considerable pressure to force a lid on the leak by Xbox stakeholders. No one wants to miss out on sales from uninformed people who don’t know that their products are bad in advance after all.

Ultimately Swami has done the everyman gamer a favor, and the internet is certainly grateful. He has even had many  offers of new consoles should the ban be permanent, and they are richly deserved. He may be finally taking a well-earned rest, but you can check out the latest info on his Twitter here.


  • Wednesday Lee Friday

    Seems rather short-sighted that MS would be focusing their ire on someone who preorderd their system rather than the genius who shipped it early. If that ban is not lifted on opening day–that kid should raise all manner of holy hell.