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Box Office Prognosis: Bad Grandpa Does Good; The Counselor Does Bad

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This weekend at the box office, stretchy genitalia and underage drinking was enough to finally take down the box office juggernaut that was Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity.  In other news, I finally got the chance to change the header image this week, which is pretty nice.  Meanwhile, Ridley Scott’s newest film bombed hard after some rough critical reception, and Gravity still did enough to hold on tight to the number two spot.  And the other new release films of last week?  Forget about it.  Details on that and more await this week in the Box Office Prognosis.

The winner of the week was the aforementioned Bad Grandpa or, as MTV might prefer I call it, Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa.  The comedy took in about $32 million for the weekend, which is a great start for the comedy.  Not as high as Jackass 3D mind you, but still pretty high.   That film took in $50.4 million its opening weekend a few years ago (which yes, is still insane to me), but being a spin-off, no one expected Bad Grandpa to sore that high.  Still, for a barely scripted comedy that was mostly filmed on the cheap?  Not bad.  And since my audience fucking loved it, I would expect solid word of mouth to life the film to a take of $70 or so million.  Enough for a Bad Grandpa 2?  Time will tell.

In second for the weekend was Gravity, taken in another $20.1 million for the weekend, making its overall cume about $199.6 million.  It will certainly cross the $200 million threshold by the end of the day, so woo for that.  Honestly, I don’t think I can say much more about this film’s success.  It’s just so great, isn’t it?  I feel similar feelings for Captain Philips, the other buzz heavy film that took third place this weekend.  With another $11.6 million in the bank, Phillips has now taken in a strong $69 million off of a $55 million budget.  And…that’s just so great, isn’t it?

930353 - Captain Phillips

Not so great was the first weekend take of The Counselor, which took fourth place with a fairly low sum of about $8 million.  Though it was moderately budgeted at $25 million, chances are it will struggle to reach that number domestically.  To be fair, people shouldn’t be surprised about the number at this point—first, it’s written by Cormac McCarthy’s, whose tendencies are far from that of the mainstream.  And secondly, it got incredibly poor review scores overall, which certainly was a deciding factor for people who were on the fence about the potential prestige pick.   I’ll be seeing the film tonight, so I guess I’ll help with my $8 bucks.  Something tells me that won’t be enough though.

Rounding out the Top 5 is another film I’ve spent loads of time talking about—Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2.  The animated feature has been in the Top 5 for about a month at this point and, but I’d imagine this is the last time I’ll ever really have to talk about its box office totals ever again.  Adding in another $6 million to its overall take, Cloudy 2 has crossed $100 million domestically, $24 million shy of its predecessor.  Chances are the film won’t be able to reach that milestone but, hey, it will come pretty close at least.


Here’s the full chart:

1. Bad Grandpa—$32,000,000
2. Gravity—$20,300,000 
3. Captain Phillips—$11,800,000 
4. The Counselor—$8,000,000 
5. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2—$6,100,000 
6. Carrie—$5,900,000 
7. Escape Plan—$4,340,000 
8. 12 Years a Slave—$2,150,000 
9. Enough Said—$1,555,000 
10. Prisoners—$1,063,000