The mere idea that Parks and Recreation is reaching the midpoint of its sixth season is, quite honestly, a miracle.  If it was any other network, Parks and Recreation wouldn’t have lasted past season two (if it even got THAT far).  But because things are in such a bad state over at NBC, the ratings starved sitcom is allowed to survive.  But now, as the show reaches six seasons and a bigger audience has still yet to find it, NBC’s patience with the show might be running thin.  And now, more than ever, they may be trying their absolute best to rid themselves of it completely.

Why not cancel it entirely, you ask?  Simple: despite everything, Parks and Recreation is still one of their highest rating comedies…but in no way is that a positive indicator to the popularity of the show.  Instead, it’s just a further example of how bad things are at NBC.  So what’s a struggling network to do?  Clean house, and start a new.  And though they tried that that this year, it mostly hasn’t worked.  But instead of blaming it on their mostly unremarkable new shows, they want to blame lead in Parks and Recreation instead.  And, because they think Parks is to blame, they have decided to strip it off their schedule for the time being almost entirely.

Here’s how it will work: last week’s episode of Parks will be the last one until mid-November, where the series will return with it’s Halloween episode (yes, another Community Season 4 situation on our hands).  It will have four episodes crammed into a two week time frame and, after that, be gone once again until January 2014.  Which means, yes—for the next two and half months, only two weeks of our lives will have Parks and Recreation episodes to look forward to.  And man, does that make me sad.


Even worse, I hate the ideas behind this decision—NBC thinks that freshmen series Sean Saves The World would do better without Parks and Recreation as a lead in but, as I’m sure they will find out, it won’t fix the problem.  People still won’t watch Sean Saves The World, because not a single person CARES about Sean Saves The World and, for that matter, even knows what it really is (Sean Hayes is at a workplace of some sort…that’s all I know and honestly care to know.)  And the fact that NBC wants to essentially push off Parks from the schedule in and of itself is disheartening.  But this isn’t the first time this has happened before with a beloved TV comedy—Fox has tried to perform this whole scheduling switcheroo with both American Dad and King Of The Hill in the past.  But both of those shows thrived anyways, and lasted for more than 10 seasons each.  Because though you can take the schedule from us, but you cannot take our loyalty.  That was a Firefly reference which…okay, I guess Fox won that one.

Parks and Recreation will return for two weeks before taking a break until 2014 on November 14.  In that time, NBC will be using the timeslot for The Voice re-runs and hastily put together SNL specials…both of which NBC believes will do better ratings wise than Parks.  Jeeze…what a sad world we live in.


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